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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm Back (I hope)

Ok yes, I know I've been gone But I realised I missed you guys! :( And the Lavenders, of course.
So if there's anyone still interested in my baby challenge, please say so. I might not be able to update right away, since I just started high school and things are kinda hectic but I'm going to release a new chapter as soon as I'm able (which I'm really hoping will be soon). And also...something stupid I did...I cleared out my screenshots folder and then emptied my recycle bin, so I lost the pics I took about a year ago for the update. D: But if I'm going to continue this challenge I'll try to retake them (I should have an earlier save so it shouldn't be too hard).

Anyway, I hope I hear from you guys. Just saying yes would already make me ecstatic! =D