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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby 14: A battle against problems

The whole family was unsuspecting, not having the tiniest clue as they do everything like they normally would, while little did they know what trouble would hit them.
Hayla only had her normal problems to worry about- teaching her kids what they need in life and continuing her challenge. But how easy will this continue to be?
Everything was always worth it, before the problems settled in. Yes, the smiles she gets from her darlings make all the trouble she had worth it. But how long did that last?
The days came and went, and with the triplets' birthday there still wasn't anything that could've been a warning. Life was still normal and full of enjoyment.
Hayla laughed as she watched Willow blow out the candles on her cake. She's just so precious to her!
Charity, baby 8, was a little different than any of Hayla's children. She proved to be quite the handful
Baby 9, Ellison.
Baby 10, Willow. Hayla thought she looked so adorable!
The triplets weren't left out in the birthday celebration, no. Baby 11, Hazel was first of the 3 to get out of the pink blanket.
Baby 12, Kayla.
Baby 13, Gabrielle. Hayla styled her hair the same as her own. She was almost completely green except for inheriting Hayla's eyes.
Hazel had some problems adjusting to such a crowded life with almost no privacy. Life became hard, but if Hayla knew what's to come she would've cherished the moment.
The triplets had to pitch in to help with the youngest Lavenders. Hayla started having a hard time taking care of everyone.
They were all such sweethearts as they helped out, but it seemed that they ended up doing more work than their mother.
Hayla starting passing out on the floor a lot. She couldn't help life was getting the best of her (I, on the other hand, started yelling at my screen when she didn't want to work)
The small ones wouldn't survive without their sisters and I was so grateful they didn't complain when I ordered them to help.
It got extremely overwhelming for them as they didn't get a lot of sleep and their sisters kept screaming no matter what.
The babies didn't know what was going on and just cried for a hero, no matter what everyone else did when they screamed.
*hero music* Carmack to the rescue! *louder hero music*
He really was the hero while his mother snored the night away. Kayla surely loved him.
By the time Hayla found the strength to face her crying children some time had passed and all they wanted to do was play.
Carmack started potty training Hazel to give her a little head start. Luckily she didn't mind not playing with the toys.
Yes Hayla, we all know a bed is much comfier than the floor. Miss lazy butt decided her children can take care of themselves and made a beeline to her bed.
Doll eating monster! Gabrielle loved to chew her dolls' heads off and eventually her siblings started calling her the doll eating monster.
Kayla didn't notice any of the chaos in the house, though it was only a drop of water compared to what was going to happen. She felt her life was as colourful as a rainbow.
Even for someone as small as Kayla and Gabrielle life is full of hardship and trouble. Their mother was so deep into her dreams she didn't even hear them cry.
Eventually they got tired of waiting, and just plain tired, falling asleep right there on the wet carpet.
Tag! All of the Lavender children seem to love the game full of running at this age.
The next morning when the school bus came by to pick up Carmack and the triplets poor Charity missed the bus after she had to wait for her brother to finish up in the bathroom. She couldn't hold it any longer and peed her pants.
She wasn't the least bit impressed with herself and quickly jumped into the shower.
She rode like the wind to get to school. Sadly, she was already an hour late.
Hazel felt that her mother drifted too far away for comfort and she couldn't help but express with tears.
That afternoon Bubblegum paid the Lavenders a visit and pleasantly surprised the kids that he's now a one star celebrity.
Hayla wasn't the least bit pleased about that piece of information. Carmack didn't care at all though and spent lots of time catching up with his dad.
Bubblegum had no trouble in showing the whole family why he got famous. Everyone thought he's amazing with the piano.
Hayla finally returned to her children and immediately started making up for abandoning them.
Willow asked her to join her for a game of tag.
"Oh honey, I'd love to! It's been so long since I've played it last" Hayla answered
"Thanks mom!" Willow replied.
The 2 played for a long time and lots of laughs were shared.
After Hayla headed back inside Willow stayed in the cool night air to finish her homework.
Hayla started worrying as she hasn't been concentrating on completing her challenge and time was ticking. She hasn't even started looking for a dad.
Carmack started being such a great help around the house! He spent most of his free time teaching his favourite little girl some skills. He just finished teaching her how the potty works.
Immediately he moved on to walking and little Kayla caught up fast.
Hayla started saving up to buy them a better house. Their current house is cramped and barely has enough room for everyone. This became her primary focus at the time.
Just like their looks are nothing the same the triplets' ideas of fun were just as different. Charity was fascinated in logic and the universe.
Ellison on the other hand followed in Carmack's footsteps and immediately got a fishing pole.
Willow loved the library and books, so she started writing her own. She could often be found daydreaming about what to write next.
As the sun set Ellison caught her first fish but sadly as she held it up to look at it, it jump from her grasp and fell back into the pond.
While there she had the pleasure of meeting the second baby daddy, Jason.
Just before it was her curfew Charity discovered a new star and named it after her mother.
Hayla got back into the spirit and targeted Gabrielle to be the first of the triplets for her to teach a life skill.
While Ellison was out at the park again she got the fright of her life as she saw a criminal when she arrived. She almost ran back home but luckily got some bravery and pushed on.
When she was past the frightening woman she met another baby daddy; Carmack's dad, Jake Moore.
Carmack had a strong relationship with Kayla and naturally he wanted to be the one to teach her her last life skill.
As it was once again night time Charity discovered something new again. Hayla was so proud of her.
When it was time for Ellison to head home she saw baby 1, Aerius, alone on a bench. Hayla often made calls to her babies who already moved out and sadly none of them made anything of their lives yet.
It was sad for Hayla to see Carmack grow up and leave. He was very special to her and she loved him dearly.
He definitely took after his father and Hayla just had to describe him as hot. Everyone just laughed when they heard her say it.
Before he left he just had to get a job. His dream was to be a police officer and so he applied.
When her little boy moved out Hayla had room in her house for one more baby again and she immediately set out to search for a daddy.
"I'm Orphal Orpelius (thanks to Jojo77). It's nice to meet you, but I'm not sure about your challenge" he introduced himself when Hayla told him who she is and asked him to participate.
"Come on! Please?" she replied.
"Then at least come to my house to celebrate my children's birthday?"
Ugh, Candy. The worst baby sitter in the history of awful baby sitters got hired to take care of Hayla's kids while she was out. All she did was take food out of the refrigerator, put them on the counter and stare. Then repeat it. There was no way I was going to pay someone for making a mess in their house and so I *ahem*...cheated. Don't look at me like I'm a criminal, I only deleted her!
When Hayla and her soon to be baby daddy entered her room she turned on the charm, ready to take things in the right direction.
Soon the kiss was planted and everything was going according to plan until he realised what was happening.
"Uh, I have to go. Bye!" he said nervously and shot out of the house with lightning speed.
Hayla tried to forget about how weirdly he acted by teaching Hazel how to walk. She was successful and soon she could walk on 2 wobbly feet.
Everyone laughed when they saw how weirdly Charity aged up, but luckily she didn't stay that way.
Baby 8, Charity. Hayla was shocked about Charity's sense of style. She tried to talk her out of it but there was nothing she could say to convince her.
Baby 9, Ellison.
Baby 10, Willow.
Charity immediately started teaching her younger siblings some skills. She wasn't very successful in teaching her though as Gabrielle was too scared of Charity to take a step towards her.
Hayla got a call from Orphal to meet him at his house. As she arrived at the address he gave her she fell in love with the house. It's perfect for her challenge!
At home Willow also had an interest in teaching her sisters and grabbed Hazel's hands to finish teaching her how to walk.
"I'm sorry I rejected you, but I've done some thinking and it would be an honour to participate in your challenge" he said
"Perfect answer!" Hayla laughed.
After they did the deed Orpal showed his apology even better to Hayla with some lip action.
"I have a little deal for you" he told her.
"Uh huh?" she replied.
"I know you love my house but it's too big for me, while your house is perfect. I have the perfect solution"
They arranged everything in a low whisper.
Hayla decided that it would be much easier to make money painting, as she loved the creativity she could show on the canvas.
Willow continued teaching Hazel life skills and soon her gurgling sounds were put into words.
After a while Hayla finished another painting and knew her decision would make the money problems better.
Later, when Willow went to bed, Hazel's training to speak sensible simlish was complete.
When they finished up Hayla could feel a movement in her tummy.
"Yes! Baby 14 is on the way!" she cheered.
It was time for Hayla's babies to grow up and Gabrielle asked her mommy to help her blow out the candles.
Baby 11, Hazel. She wanted to dress as a Disney princess and Hayla found the perfect clothes for her from Aladdin.
Baby 12, Kayla.
Baby 13, Gabrielle. She wanted to be a fairy and was so excited when she got it from a kind simmer, Demenshia.

This is where my game started spazzing out and crashed left and right. I'm still trying to fix it but it was hard enough to get the next few pictures.
There weren't enough beds in the house and seeing as she's the youngest Hayla invited her to share her bed with her.
The teens formed a study group and always made the homework a lot more fun together.
Hayla felt a little bad for abandoning her garden when she started painting and occasionally still took care of it.
As the school bus pulled up outside all the kids streamed out of the house.
When they got home Charity brought a nice boy with her. He was a little odd but the 2 were adorable together.
She planted her first kiss and they both blossomed.
Ellison wasn't left out with the romance and started sweet talking Malcolm Langraab.
When the moon rose Charity and her lover became a couple officially.
Her boyfriend was a celebrity and in order for them to be together she also had to become one and had to give up her privacy. She loved him enough to do it though.
Ellison also got a boyfriend and they sealed the deal with a kiss.
Willow wasn't far behind and her love flourished.
She also got her first boyfriend just like her triplets.
The guys grew up with them but it was a little weird when Charity's boyfriend wore a dress proudly after the transition.
Baby 8, Charity.
Baby 9, Ellison.
Baby 10, Willow.
Almost immediately after her girls aged up Hayla went into a painful labour while a bad timed phone call acted up.
Baby 14 was born. After all the commotion Hayla didn't have time to name her but the crashing stopped long enough for her to be born in peace.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend. You can leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on my forum. If the next chapter takes a long time to be up it'll be because my game's having trouble getting fixed. I'll try my best to fix it though. 
Have a wonderful weekend!