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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Babies 5 and 6

Hayla was happily caring to her sweet little children's needs. She was elated that she could have different gender kids for babies 1 and 2. It would be good practice.
Just because Hayla now had 3 little princesses in the castle it didn't mean Hayla forgot about her brave knight. Hayla tried to give Aerius just as much attention as she used to, and of course she kept giving him and the triplets more and more love.
"Hayla, I want to ask you something" Jason nervously asked Hayla
"Yes?" Hayla replied
" only needed at least one baby from me and now you got 3. Could you...please...give me one of them?"
"No Jason! Don't you remember the rules? I'm sorry, but no"
Hayla leaft Jason alone in the kitchen to cry out his disappointment.
No matter whether or not he could take one of them with him, Jason still wanted to play an important part in his daughters' lives. He started playing with baby 2, Layla.
Jason carefully placed her into Aerius's crib when he was done, instead of in her stroller.
Then he moved on to baby 3, Aleena. He held her up to the blue roof to admire the little life that partly belongs to him.
It wasn't long until the triplets celebrated their birthday and their daddy was there to celebrate with them.
Baby 2, Layla. She had a little of both of her parents.
Baby 3, Aleena. She had a little problem growing hair and looked like a female version of her dad.
Baby 4, Amethyst. She was definitely the princess of the castle.
(Thanks SimGuruHydra for gifting me her dress)
Of course being royalty in your house you would want everything you asked for before even opening your mouth.
Amethyst was really attached to her mother and all her tears would dry up as soon as she was picked up by her.
She would often almost fall asleep in her mommy's arms.
Hayla started to potty train her babies and Amethyst just had to be first.
Jason started spending more and more time at the Lavenders and of course started to pay attention to baby 1 too.
Jason still wanted his child and thought about taking Aerius to get Hayla to exchange Aerius for any of the triplets.
He soon realised that he couldn't do that and left Aerius at the house even though he was really attached to him. He gave the tot one last kiss on the head.
Hayla didn't know what could have just happened to her baby 1 and just continued training her girls.
Amethyst was very demanding when she was tired but didn't want her mom to leave. Hayla had to stand with her daughter's hand in hers for 10 minutes until she fell asleep.
By the time Hayla got Layla in the crib she was exhausted and collapsed on the floor in the nursery.
She was to late to get Aleena in her stroller and the toddler settled for the floor.
Hayla gather the strength to climb into bed and all her dreams revolved around her babies.
Amethyst was first to wake up and luckily didn't scream. Hayla got up to go to the bathroom and got her out of her stroller and Layla out of the crib.
Layla was intrigued with learning new skills and hammered away on her xylophone
Hayla didn't have much time for household chores and the sink soon looked foul.
Layla and Amethyst enjoyed playing with their dolls together and shared lots of laughs.
Hayla continued with Amethyst's potty training and the little girl enjoyed it when her mother stroked her hair
Aleena prefered to play with her brother rather than her triplets, maybe because these two's hairstyles are closer to each other.
"Oh, look at my big girl going to the potty! Momma is so proud of you!" Hayla praised her daughter when she was fully potty trained.
When Layla got bored with the xylophone she moved on to the blocks.
Hayla finished teaching Aerius to walk and so he was ready to age up.
"Look mummy, I'm walkin'!" Aerius said.
The second triplet to be potty trained was Layla.
Aleena felt a little neglected. She became very needy when she realised her hair wasn't growing like her sisters'
Amethyst on the other hand became calm and wasn't such a handful anymore.
Layla was the responsible one of the triplets and often became upset when she saw one of her sisters unhappy.
Aerius grew up and became even cuter. He had surly pink-ish hair and loved his blue top.
Hayla finally had time to work in her garden after a long time. She enjoyed the fresh air she breathed
Just as she finished an interesting man jogged  by and she stopped him as soon as he was in front of her house.
For some reason she was a little nervous to ask him...or maybe her head was just itching.
Hayla had no time to beat around the bush and immediately asked him to participate in her challenge.
"Of course I will! You don't have to explain the rules to me. I was specially made for baby challenges" the guy told Hayla
"Great! I'm Hayla, and you are?" Hayla said
"I'm James Blue (thanks to Lizzerd). Nice to meet you"
Amethyst insisted to sleep on the ground for the night. She never did something like this and wanted to try it.
Through Aerius's transition to a child he and Aleena still enjoyed playing with the dollhouse together.
Hayla amused James with funny faces and he enjoyed it very much, just laughing whenever she does a new one.
All this progressed to a romantic kiss in the moonlight. After this it was off to bed to conceive
Aerius helped his mom out by caring for his little sisters and all of them appreciated it when he took care of them.
Hayla started teaching her girls some life skills before they grow up. One wobbly step at a time Amethyst learned to walk.
As soon as the sun rose Hayla spun into her maternity clothes. It seemed that this pregnancy would be a fast one.
Bubblegum paid a little visit to the Lavenders and instantly paid attention to Layla, who in return was a little scared of the strange man and didn't want to hold on too tight to him.
After some playing though she warmed up to him.
Bubblegum turned on the TV on innapropriate channels and was oblivious to how hungry the toddler was. If Hayla saw this she would've kicked him out of the house.
When his son entered the room he put the girl down and Aerius fed her. Afterwards Bubblegum finally spent some time with him.
Layla was soon a big girl as she learned how to walk on her own.
Aerius grew up again and wanted to keep his hairstyle and shirt.
He helped to teach his sisters their skills and Aleena was first up.
She enjoyed it a lot, but a jealous Amethyst was watching from the dollhouse.
After a while Aleena needed her bottle and Aerius started to teach Amethyst how to talk. She kept smiling while she got attention from her brother.
Layla was throwing a mini tantrum from sleepiness
"Bwodda, titta it cwyin'" Amethyst shouted to Aerius, excited to say her first sentense.
"Aww. Should I go calm her down?"
After Hayla put Layla to bed she finished teaching Aleena how to walk.
"Mwomma, bwodda teached me to twalk" Amethyst told her mother proudly
"You have a very nice big brother, don't you?" Hayla replied
Hayla couldn't even finish her shower before contractions kicked in.
It might have been a short pregnancy but it was a long labour. It was all worth it though when out popped baby 5, Luna (thanks to Pixza!)
Hayla placed her in Amethyst's stroller to match her blue skin and the infant was elated about it.
And then came another! This is baby 6, Natalie (thanks to cmhartjes!) The baby was so tired after delivery she half fell asleep on her mother's shoulder.
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