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Friday, February 18, 2011

Triplets! Babies 2, 3 and 4

 After little Aertius's birth when Hayla walked into the kitchen/dining room, a man was sitting there eating soup out of her fridge. Her first thought was that it's a burglar, but when she saw how calm he was and not pulling out a weapon, she thought other wise, though she still feared he might be a harm.
 When he saw her he was just finished with his meal and washed the bowl.
"Please, don't let me disturb you. I used your bathroom and broke your toilet and shower. I'm terribly sorry. Eat your dinner while I go fix it" the man told Hayla who opened the fridge to get her food.
 He stuck with his word; while Hayla enjoyed dinner after a 2 hour labour, the intruder fixed the shower. Although he was a little cowardly, he soon got it fix, the toilet still remaining broken when he returned to Hayla.
 "Now tell me who you are" Hayla demanded as the man entered the room
"I am here to help you" he replied
"By entering your 100 baby challenge, of course! Bubblegum told me about you and how fun this challenge was"
"Did he explain all the rules"
"In detail. It's just a shame we can only be friends"
"If you're going to be one of my kids' dad I'll need to know your name" Hayla said
"Oh, of course! I'm Jason (thanks to Vacakmorgo)" he replied
The 2 entertained each other with funny faces and weird sayings. A big part of the night was spent laughing before they got more serious.
It wasn't long until Hayla gave Jason a little kiss to get things moving in the right direction.
Soon they were seated in the bed, ready to conceive baby 2.
"Are you ready to conceive your most memoral child?" Jason joked
"I sure am" Hayla giggled
The whole night long while Hayla worked her magic on Jason her little boy was crying his lungs out for his mommy. He was stinky and lonely and hungry, and his mom was nowhere to rescue him.
After more than an hour of desparate screams his mother finally came, paying as much attention to him as possible anf feeling very guilty about what she did.
"I'm so sorry, baby. Mommy is still learning with you. I will try as hard as I can not to have that happen again. Just remember that no matter what, mommy will always love you, Aertius" Hayla apologised, and Aertius was more than happy to accept it if his mommy was with him.
Poor little Aerius kept waking up from nightmares of screaming until he dies or his mom dying. Hayla decided that it might be better to sleep in the stroller for the night rather than in his crib, and she was right. Only a minute after she moved him his eyes fell closed and Hayla listened for half an hour to make sure he doesn't have a nightmare again and soon went to sleep.
It wasn't long after she curled up tight in bed before she had to run for the bathroom to puke. This time it was also her sinuses, and a bad case. She was getting worried that her baby might inherit this.
The considerate Jason unclogged the toilet for Hayla after her vomitting in it. I guess snot rockets and puke doesn't go well together.
The next morning it was time for Aertius to grow up. He completely forgot about the previous night's incident and was trying to catch his birthdaycake's candle's flame, but Hayla kept holding him back in fear that he would grab it and burn his hands.
Aerius grew up into a cute little guy, but his chocolate skin still remained a mystery.
Hayla decided to plant lots of new plants since she'll be preggers again soon. She hoped to make a tradition of planting new things before every pregnancy, but doubted she would have enough seeds.
Hayla wanted to start teaching her little boy to potty as soon as possible. He always looked at his crib with curiousity at it when he was a small baby.
Aerius was very needy and would scream whenever something isn't like he wants it. Hayla was very worried that this might be because of the night she left him crying in the crib.
After he slept in the stroller that one night he liked it better than his crib and insisted he sleeps there whenever he can.
That night Hayla kept dreaming about Jason. He left during the morning and she couldn't forget how sweet he was by fixing everything in the house.
Not long after, Hayla was fully rested, but her stomach felt heavier than normal. She put her hands on it to inspect it and felt a very, very soft thing against her hand from inside her stomach. She was preggers again!
Hayla went to Aerius's room to get him from the stroller and take him to the potty, but he had other ideas. He squirmed like his life depended on it.
Hayla couldn't understand it, but in the end she took him from his potty and feeded him instead. She guessed that he was probably too hungry.
During the day Bubblegum dropped by for a visit.
"You have some explaining to do, Mister" Hayla said sternly when he approached her.
"Am I in trouble?" he asked innocently
"Our son has a very dark skin. I don't have a problem with that, but I really want to know where it came from"
Bubblegum laughed for a while before answering
"It's not as random as you think. My family has a history of doing things like this. It's just the darkness of my skin on your skintone"
"It's that simple?"
"Yup. Nothing to worry about"
Hayla told Bubblegum that she's pregnant with Jason's baby and asked him if he wanted to feel her tummy. He refused no matter what; it seemed he was jealous and wanted nothing to do with future babies.
He headed to the nursey where Aerius was playing with his xylophone but when he saw his dad play with the dollhouse he wanted to join in. However, when he sat down his dad got up, and this happened 2 more times. Bubblegum was mad at his son for some reason.
It was getting dark and Hayla needed to tend to her plants. She couldn't believe how fast the new plants sprout. It reminded her of how her challenge will be.
While Bubblegum was mocking Hayla in the mirror, she went inside to teach her son how to talk after he got potty trained. He was quite bright and it wasn't long until he could speak. (sorry, forgot to actually take a pic of him learning >.< )
After she was done she went to the bathroom but the toilet broke again. This time there was no sweet man to fix it and Hayla had to do it herself whilst Bubblegum sat on his but watching tv.
"Aerius, you are very special. You're soon going to have 1 out of 99 younger siblings. You're my oldest child. Remember that you're very important to me no matter what" Hayla said when she held her son close.
"Love ya mumma" Aerius said
Just as she was going to bed contractions kicked in. Hayla stayed home again although she could think clearly this time; she just didn't want to leave Aerius alone or wake him up to go to a hospital
It was over soon and Hayla welcomed baby 2 Layla (thanks to Dreamer32910)
And then came another! This is baby 3 Aleena (thanks to cmhartjes)
A sweet surprise for Hayla as she saw she had triplet grils. This is baby 4 Amethyst (thanks to KinztheSim), the palest of all her children, but just as loved as the others
Because Aerius enjoyed sleeping in the stroller so much, Hayla thought the triplets would too and so bought 2 more of them.

Leave comments, baby names and daddies here or here. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great chapter!

    And that skintone thing is so weird, I've heard of it happening too!

  2. Thanks.

    That doesn't just happen with skintones. In the past the same thing happened with a sim's eyes.

    Thanks for following this blog too! :D