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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Babies 18, 19 and 20: Broken but alive

 Hayla looked down at Sky, smiling at her new baby. She missed the feeling of holding a newborn baby.
 As she started playing with him she felt the tears well up in her eyes. She was having mixed feelings about her challenge and had no idea what to do.
 As she fed Zafrina her bottle she wanted to stop time so her babies don't have to grow up.
 She could feel the love in the room and felt like she didn't want to let go of her children.
 Of course everything isn't perfect. Xavier was the hardest baby Hayla ever had to take care of. He was always crying, almost like he wanted to make his mother's life miserable.
 The rest of the kids were always so peaceful and easy to take care of.
 Life for Cordelia became harder and harder. She felt like her mother's decision to stop her challenge was affecting her negatively.
 Hayla tried to be the perfect mother by finally starting to learn the cooking skill. After Carmack told her how delicious mac' and cheese is and how easy it is to make, she wanted to make it as a special meal.
 Unfortunately Hayla could never get everything she wanted.
 Cordelia didn't want to look her mom in the eyes and so sat at the opposite side of the table so that the wall could separate them.
"What's wrong, honey?" Hayla asked concerned. Cordelia was hesitant to answer.
"It's the baby challenge" she finally answered.
"Are you glad it's over?"
"No! I'm furious it's over! You're meant to do it!"
Hayla just smiled at her as Cordelia stormed out of the room.
 Most of the times Cordelia had to be the motherly figure in her siblings' lives as her mother still didn't want anything to do with her challenge and didn't want to have much to do with the babies.
 It wasn't long until it was time for the little ones to become toddlers.
 Sadly, there was once again a fire. Things just didn't want to work out.
 Hayla tried to put out the fire as soon as possible but it was a huge struggle.
 The whole lot was once again packed with strangers of which at least one of them lend a helping hand.
 Sky didn't care about what his family was doing and aged up anyway.
 Another one of the strangers tried to help with the fire while she was almost burned to a crisp.
 After a long time of struggling with the disaster the horrifying fire was gone.
Zafrina patiently awaited her birthday.
 Lucky for her she didn't have to wait long until the sparkles paid her a visit.
Baby 15, Sky
Baby 16, Zafrina
 Baby 17, Xavier. He was a carbon copy of his dad.
Sky was a pleasure to be around and was always so playful
 Zafrina was a lot like her brother and always gave everyone a smile.
 Xavier was always friendly with everyone except his mom.
 Whenever she was near him or tried to teach him something out of love he would just scream at her.
 Hayla was extremely hurt by the things he told her.
 "I don't want to live with you. I want daddy!" he cried.
 Hayla would often just leave or take care of her other kids when he says things like that to her.
 The 2 older triplets are always really upset when their brother acts so rudely.
 Cordelia will always be there to calm them down, no matter what the time.
 Even Xavier loves his sister.
 Cordelia and Hayla secretly sneaked into the room to see all 3 the little Lavenders play together.
Zafrina always loves the camera and started posing as soon as she spotted them.
 Later that day Hayla thought she spotted someone familiar in town. She just had to have a closer look and sure enough it was Cadence Sierra! Hayla raced over to meet her as soon as she recognised her.
"Hi! I'm Hayla Lavender" she greeted.
"Hello. I'm Cadence Sierra" Cadence introduced herself.
"Oh, I know you. You're the mother of 100 babies. You finished the legendary 100 baby challenge! I'm honored to meet you. You're the one who inspired me to start my 100 baby challenge"
"But I've heard you stopped your baby challenge" Cadence replied.
"Yes...but you have no idea what happened!" Hayla cried.
"Every horrible thing in life only makes you stronger. Once you make it through it you'll see everything happens for a reason and it will turn out better than it would have if everything stayed the same."
"No buts.  Nobody said this challenge was going to be easy. Do you think I reached my goal without my share of bumps in the road? It wasn't easy when my daughter Darcie drowned."
"But you made it through it."
"Exactly, and now I'm stronger but there are always hardships. Do you think it's easy for me now that Mikolaj is a vampire?"
"Well, no..."
"I made it through all the hard parts during the 100 baby challenge and now there are new troubles ahead of me. I can't possibly know how it will turn out without trying and it's the same with you. Even though you lost almost everyone you care for doesn't mean you shouldn't continue what you started."
"I'm not sure I can do it."
"Of course you can. I already found you a father for your challenge. At least continue for a little and if you really think what happened changed you then you can stop."
"Ok...I'll try."
Cadence watched Hayla approach her target, ready to try to continue her challenge.
"Hello. I'm Harrison (thanks to emmacrs). I know why you're here and there's no need to explain the 100 baby challenge's rules to me; Cadence already sorted everything out." he said
Hayla just smiled and couldn't believe the trouble Cadence went through for her.
 Hayla felt her experience kick in as she started flirting with the new baby daddy.
Soon their lips locked as they shared a kiss. No words were needed between the 2 and they quickly asked Cadence a favor.
 She immediately said yes and the 2 conceived baby 18 in Cadence's bed.
 Not long after, it was Cordelia's birthday!
 After her birthday things didn't go too well with the dresser as it painfully threw her to the ground.
 After she put on a decent outfit she invited her high school crush, Ethan Bunch, over.
 She slowly knelt down, carefully taking out a delicate box.
 "! May I have it?" Ethan shrieked.
 However, when Cordelia opened it, he gave a scream of delight as she proposed.
As they said their vows they looked deep into each other's eyes and looked forward to spending the rest of their lives together.
When Hayla got to the toilet she felt her sinuses kick in. It was going full steam ahead and didn't stop for hours.
 Ethan taught Xavier how to talk and couldn't wait until he had a little boy of his own.
 Hayla quickly headed downstairs to teach Zafrina how to walk.
 As Hayla watched her babies play in the background she felt her unborn baby's first kick.
The new couple head to Hayla's bed to conceive before getting their own place.
Sky loved his sister and didn't want her to leave. He offered her his favourite bottle to remember him by.
 When Hayla taught Xavier to walk he was extremely jumpy as he didn't want to be with Hayla.
 Later on he got more relaxed as he got to know his mother.
Later that day the triplets celebrated their birthday.
 Baby 15, Sky
 Baby 16, Zafrina
Baby 17, Xavier
Marcus asked Hayla to fix his TV. At first she didn't want to do anything of the kind but as she realised they need the money she had to do it.
That night Cordelia paid the Lavenders a visit and Hayla discovered that her daughter's pregnant. She gave her come advice.
 And she felt Hayla's tummy. It was a perfect bonding moment.
The following morning Hayla went into labour and her daughter was right there next to her, just like last time.
 After a while though, Cordelia sat down and ate the cereal Hayla was planning to eat.
 It wasn't long until baby 18, Fallon (thanks to BrightFashion), popped out.
 Then came baby 19, Tyler (thanks to Dreamer32910)
Last but not least came baby 20, Aurora (thanks to Lizzerd)
Thanks for reading. It came out a little late since I put up Separated at Birth's finale (never give up free advertising, eh? ;) )
Thanks to Harmonysims for letting me use Cadence.
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