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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Babies 15, 16 and 17: Struggles to survive

Things weren't going so smooth between Ellison and Malcolm. The sparks between them were dying down and in the end she just walked out on him when she moved out.
It was the exact opposite between Charity and her boyfriend. It wasn't long until she popped the question.
As she put the ring on his finger it shone like a thousand stars at night, and he couldn't help but shriek at the beauty.
Right there and then they held their wedding, just like they were.
Hayla couldn't believe how fast they grew up and suddenly felt the need to see her parents again.
Charity's newlywed husband had a makeover before they moved out and everyone loved his new look.
They soon moved out and Hayla could feel that the trouble was closing in. Nobody knew what it was but she could feel that the answer will be revealed soon.
Baby 14, Cordelia aged up gracefully. (Credits for her name goes to cmhartjes)
Love still flourished for this couple. They felt that they could never break up.
There would soon be another small wedding as Willow whipped out the ring.
She gently placed the ring on his finger as neither of them could stop smiling.
He ran into her arms with his stretched out high above his head from excitement.
And then they said their vows.
Of course, as there was enough room in the household, the couple had to try for baby.
They immediately moved out, ready to start their lives together.
Orphal jogged to Hayla's house, ready to put their plan into action. She greeted him with a friendly hug to say thank you.
"Are you ready?" Hayla whispered as she felt the fear of the unknown danger closing in on her.
"Oh yeah! I've been ready ever since you payed me that visit" he replied in the same low whisper.
Little Cordelia had no idea what her parents were planning as she hammered away with the dolls.
Hayla picked up her baby and cleared the room of anything they may need later. Orphal and the Lavenders were switching houses with no extra costs. It was a win-win situation.

*1 week later*

The Lavenders walked up the steps to new beginnings, to their new house. Orphal kept his promise, the deal he and Hayla made, and the 2 families switched houses without any extra costs. When the Lavenders came to the address he gave them, however, the house was different than the one he lived in earlier. It was bigger though, and that was great. Everyone was happier than ever before, meaning Hayla and Cordelia as the others were yet to join them, but that didn’t last long as the most horrible thing in the history of Hayla’s challenge happened. During the week that passed Hayla spent hours at the spa getting a new look, but she would've given up that new look if she could stop what happened.
“Mom! Mom, it’s so horrible!” Hayla heard a familiar female voice cry. “He’s dead! Mom, I don’t think I can go on!”
She listened closer and turned around; sure enough, Willow came running to her with a soaking wet face from crying, her eyes red and puffy, which indicated a long time of tears. She ran straight into Hayla’s arms and continued crying into her mother’s shoulder for comfort.

“Honey, what happened?” Hayla asked.
Willow wiped a tear from her cheek and look up at her mother with surprise.
“You mean you haven’t heard?” she asked with a soft voice.
“Heard what? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not that bad”
“Mom, you have no idea how bad it is” a different voice spoke up, a male voice. The voice was soft and near breakpoint, ready to break into tears any moment.

Hayla looked around and found a singed Carmack carefully make his way towards them with effort, rubbing through his hair with frustration. Hayla had no idea what her babies were so upset about. She taught them to deal with every imperfection they have, and she taught them well, but if they were this touched by something it must be horrible.

“Tell me…I’m sure I can take it” Hayla whispered as she pulled her son closer.
“Michael Bachelor, my husband, is dead!” Willow cried.
“Anne-Stacia Adleo, my girlfriend, is dead!” Carmack cried.
“Our dads are dead!”
“Our siblings are dead!”
“Our friends are dead!”
“Everyone is dead!”

Hayla almost lost her balance as the shock it her with a blow, everything around her spinning wildly; it was like everything turned upside down in mere hours, when everyone died.
“H…how?” Hayla barely managed to force out, tears already piling up in her eyes as she tried to steady herself.
All the kids came closer as they heard what Willow and Carmack yelled, confused at the situation facing them.

The 2 oldest kids looked at each other to decide who was going to tell their mother, and of course how, making up their minds to each tell the half.
“It happened this morning” Willow said “when Carmack and I were out at Stonehenge. I heard a rumbling in the sky and saw something like a shooting star, only it wasn’t night; the sun was already up. Naturally I got extremely worried. Carmack didn’t see or hear anything and didn’t believe me. No matter what he thought I got in my car and started driving back into town. Just as I started the car the whole town shook and my whole car along with me inside rolled over.”

“As soon as I helped her out 4 more of the exact same things happened.” Carmack said “We tightly held on to each other until it passed. When everything settled we gathered the courage to go back into town, but we had to walk since her car got destroyed. The whole town was foggy and full of dust. I remembered learning about something like this and realised that it was 5 massive meteors that it Sunset Valley. We rushed to our houses, each of us going our separate ways. I got home and saw my love disintegrated along with her baby sister. As I came closer one tiny rock fell on the house again and burnt me. Everyone we loved died, except all the people we didn’t even know. Our old house even got destroyed.”

“When I got to my house I saw my husband caught in the window; dead. The quakes the meteors caused threw him into a window and the glass cut him open. We were the only people who survived, apart from the 2 of you. How did you survive?” Willow continued.
“We weren’t here…we visited family in Bridgeport- my parents. I had no idea this would happen!” Hayla burst out in full blown tears, trying as hard as she can to stop them.
The days went on and Hayla couldn’t get over the major loss of her family, just sitting at home and only occasionally painting, but mostly just blowing out a box of tissues a day. She had trouble to stop crying, all the misery overwhelming to even think of continuing her challenge. Willow and Carmack moved in with them a few days ago as their houses were completely destroyed. Willow went around town to see if anyone else worth knowing survived.
She met a nice berry sim, Custard, and it all started off innocently as friends. Willow didn't want another boyfriend yet, but one thing led to another.
They were soon kissing up a storm, concealing each other as he also lost his family.
It wasn't long until they became Mr. and Mrs. Lavender.
“Momma?” the youngest Lavender child said in a tiny voice as she snuck into her mother’s room.
“Yes…honey?” Hayla managed to get out between tears.
Her baby didn’t say anything else, just staring at her mother with a puppy dog face. Hayla’s last resistance shattered at the sight of her face, the tears breaking through again with no sign of stopping.

Just as Hayla stood up she heard the doorbell ring, her eyes burning from the lack of sleep as she picks up her baby and walks to the door to see who it possibly is. After everyone in town died there can’t possibly be anyone she knows there.

She slowly walks to the door with her baby, so slow that the doorbell was rung a second time, and her heart started beating at a great pace as she neared her destination. When she reached the door she slowly reached out to the doorknob with a shaking hand, forcing the door open.

“Hallo?” Hayla said with a shaky voice, not really looking up at the person.
“Uh…hi?” the person said, a guy, trying to look her in the eyes. “Are you ok?”
“No…not really”
“What’s wrong? I thought you were going full steam ahead with your 100 baby challenge.”
Hayla slowly lifted her head, a light in her eyes, accompanied by shock on her entire face, it all very noticeable.
“Don’t you know what happened?” she exclaimed.
“If it’s bringing your challenge to a halt I know it must be important. What happened?” he answered.
“A meteor fell! Meteors big enough to destroy the entire town fell! My babies’ partners are dead, their and dads are dead and the worst part is that all my babies except 6 died! Do you think that’s not enough to completely stop my challenge?!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I don’t live here at all. I came especially for your challenge”
A small tear escaped from Hayla’s eye as she heard what effort and time he put in to be able to participate in her challenge.
“I’m sorry…” Hayla said when she realised she doesn’t know his name.
“Marcus Salvator (thanks to ENTELLIGENT)” he said.
“Well Marcus, right now I have no interest in continuing my challenge at this particular time. You are welcome to stay with us for a while until you can go back.”
“Thank you” he replied a little disappointed with my answer
“Mom!” someone yelled from inside the house just as Hayla turned around to enter.
Her heart almost stopped; it felt like another piece of horrible information is about to run her over. Willow ran to her, wearing an odd dress. Hayla was so afraid that her daughter will bring her more bad news, to tear her life up even more. She got herself ready for the worst.

“What happened now?” Hayla asked with a sinking heart as her daughter faced her.
“The most wonderful thing a mother could dream of!” she said twirling around like a little girl before looking her in the eyes. “Mom, I have a small piece of Custard inside me. I’m pregnant, mom! You’re going to be a grandmother!”
After all that happened she couldn’t believe this wonderful news; after all the bad news she could barely react when she realised its wonderful news.
“Th-that’s w-wonderful. Congratul-lations” Hayla stammered.
She could feel Marcus’s eyes on her as she realised that this would be the perfect excuse for him to try to convince her to become pregnant. After all, wouldn’t she want to be pregnant alongside her daughter? She turned around to him and gave him a faint smile, followed by a gentle shake of her head to show him she’s sticking to her answer. He was satisfied though; he knew she was going to crack and he’ll be there to help her through her decision.
Willow soon moved out again, eager to start her new family with Custard, but Hayla felt lonely without her. Carmack was barely ever home as he started to looking through the town for any possible survivors, for anyone he can socialise with. Everyone in the house really knew that he was actually still heartbroken over Stace, like he used to call her, and searching for someone new. He didn’t want to be alone and desperately needed a girl.
Marcus had no intention in giving up and entered the room while Hayla was teaching Cordelia to talk. He sat right behind Hayla and insisted on helping with the teaching. They made the perfect team and soon she could say one gurgling word at a time.
Carmack's search paid off as he met the gorgeous and intelligent Blackberry.
He always made her laugh and shared Carmack's sense of humour. He was scared of taking it fast though, seeing as what happened with Stace.
“Carmack, where have you been all my life?” she giggled.
“Well…I was busy being baby 7 of my mom’s 100 baby challenge” he joked.
“Wait, isn’t your mother Hayla Lavender?”
“I’ve always dreamed of meeting her.”
Carmack just smiled at her, looking at the shine in her dark eyes.
Marcus helped out around the house, especially with Cordelia as he played with her endlessly. Sadly, she wasn’t at all comfortable in the company of this strange man. She had no idea who he was and didn’t trust him 1 bit, most of all not after the mini fight him and her mother had when he arrived.
Carmack wasn’t always himself around Blackberry, feeling a little shy instead of so outgoing at times, a little tense instead of enjoying life. Her gaze always made him feel better, but she was the first girl that made him feel like that, which was a first for him.
He hesitantly moved closer to her, his eyes shining with hope, and a new feeling in his heart; he moved in and their lips touched for the first time and it felt like magic. The sparks between them were unbelievable.
Hayla painted the days away, painting in the study where there are different types of objects for all the different interests. She was still a little nervous about painting alone in her small art studio upstairs. For now she preferred it away from the bed she knew she would use if she continued her challenge, even though she doubted she would.
She was always nervous, the troubling thoughts of her dead children and non-continuing challenge taking up every open space of her head. Her biggest decision still lay ahead and she still had no answer.
Carmack stayed over at his new girlfriend’s house that evening, going through the trouble to cook her the best meal he can. It was the first time he cooked in a kitchen and he was extremely nervous, but he did it for her; the love of his life.
He warmed her heart as Blackberry walked into the living room when she watched him cooking for her. No one has ever done that for her and she felt like crying of joy.
He filled his nostrils with the pleasant and delicious smell of fresh macaroni and cheese, looking forward to the meal ahead as he piled it into the bowl for them to get as much of it as they wanted.

“This is delicious, Carmack!” Blackberry exclaimed as she took her first bite.
“Thank you. That means a lot” he replied.
“So, how’s your mother’s challenge going? Is she pregnant yet?”
“Actually, she wants to cancel it. After the accident with the meteor she’s too depressed to continue.”
Blackberry choked from shock as she listened to his answer.
“That’s horrible! How do you feel about it?”
“I’m a little disappointed. I loved hearing about how she’s doing in her challenge. I mean, if it wasn’t for her challenge I wouldn’t have been born.”

The rest of the meal passed in silence until they both headed to bed together. Even though they were asleep troubling thoughts wouldn’t leave.

When Carmack returned home the following day he was greeted with a fire on their lot, Hayla racing to the need of what was left of her family. The flames were big and fierce, in the mood to take an unsuspecting life while everyone freaked out.
Marcus tried to be helpful but instead as soon as he started extinguishing caught on fire. He barely made it to the shower in time while he freaked out too much for anyone to extinguish him.
Hayla, however, was quicker on her feet and extinguished the fire without a problem as she didn’t even get touched by one of the flames.
By the time the fire was gone the entire lot was filled with curious strangers who came from across the street to inspect the matter. As soon as the smoke cleared everyone was amazed to see a tomb trap located right there on the ground. Hayla called someone to get rid of it right away, scared that there would be more disasters as long as it remained.
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and when the sun set and the moon took his turn in the dark sky Carmack was teasing the sprinkler. Hayla couldn’t help but laugh at his funny actions, even under the current circumstances. These are the kind of things she will always miss as it was the end of her challenge…or so she thought. Whether she could really quit her challenge, only time will tell.
When Hayla could finally pull her son away from the sprinkler they all celebrated Cordelia’s birthday. It was the first celebration in the family’s new party section of the house. Carmack cheered so hard Hayla thought he wanted the whole neighbourhood to hear him.
 Baby 14, Cordelia.
Hayla finally switched to her art studio and found it so peaceful next to the windows she immediately let her inspiration, and paint, flow.
While Carmack was still in his sleepwear he invited Blackberry over for a surprise. He asked Cordelia to be their witness as he proposed and a few hours later held a private wedding. They would’ve thrown a big party for their wedding but under the circumstances they found it more appropriate to keep it small.
Marcus came up to where Hayla was painting and looked at her apologetically. They shared a comforting hug, just to make sure that the whole baby challenge-thing wouldn’t affect their friendship.
Very nearby Carmack and Blackberry got right down to business before moving out. They were eager to be surrounded by kids.
“Hayla, I have something to ask you…Please continue your challenge! I just have to participate. I cam here to be a father of at least baby 15 and I will get what I came for!” he freaked out, blowing his top at Hayla’s stubbornness.
“No Marcus! I don’t care how much you want to be part of it; I’m not continuing. If you can’t understand that, LEAVE!” Hayla screamed at the top of her lungs.
“No buts!”
Marcus trailed off as he thought of a plan. He knew he would get what he came for, even if he had to manipulate her to continue. He was certain she would thank him in the future.
“I started practicing mixology but I don’t know if I’m any good. Could you please help me practice and share your opinion about my drink?” he asked.
Hayla gave him a doubtful look before answering.
“What are you up to?”
“Nothing! I just want to give you a treat before I leave.”
Cordelia shared her mother’s interest in painting and occupied the easel in the study.
He tried to impress Hayla with his skills, throwing the ingredients in the air and catching them perfectly; that was the first phase of his plan but as he realised it wasn’t working he was disappointed that he had to accept Hayla’s decision unless she changed her mind soon. He didn’t think the rest of his plan would work, so he just continued practicing his skill.
He gave Hayla the first drink he finished mixing that night.
Sadly, it was poorly mixed as Hayla spit it out over Marcus.
He was a little hurt, and disappointed, that his drink was so bad. However, he pulled himself together and continued his plan. 15 drinks later Hayla left for the bathroom.
After a while Hayla returned and started kissing Marcus passionately, looking deep into his eyes with a huge smile on her face, ready to get down to business.
“Are you ready to the bed?” Marcus asked.
“Of course! We don’t have a second to lose. I’m doing a 100 baby challenge, after all” Hayla said as they walked upstairs to conceive baby 15.
“Where have you been? Of course I mean it. I don’t want to fall behind with my challenge”
Cordelia tested out every toy on the playground the next morning, looking over all the houses on the jungle gym and swinging as high as she can on the swing.
The bus soon arrived and Cordelia was tense about her first day of school.
Hayla was checking through the town to see who else survived and was surprised to see Willow and Custard at the graveyard. She thought that maybe they were there searching a loved one's grave.
It turned out that they just happened to be passing by there when she went into labour so they waited there for the baby to survive. Hayla immediately drove her to the hospital as she didn't want her first grandchild to be born in a place with dead bodies and ghosts.
It didn't take long to reach the hospital and everyone waited tensely for the child to arrive.
Willow brought out a cute baby girl with her daddy's skin. They named her Esther.
Hayla went to her daughter's house to assist her with the baby until she gets the hang of it. Hayla loved to cuddle the little bundle of joy!
She had to put her down soon though as she felt the vomit come up. Hayla was extremely puzzled about this turn of events. Maybe it was just the last of Marcus's horrible drinks coming out.
The next day Hayla felt a familiar movement in her stomach and realised she was pregnant. She racked her memories and found the cause. She barely remembered the night she spent with Marcus but it all became clear as she remembered them heading to bed.
Even though Hayla didn't want the baby growing inside of her she felt that it would be a good idea to try to get multi gender twins/triplets for the last kids of her challenge. The doctor told her she was having a girl.
That afternoon Cordelia brought a friend home from school. She kept giving him the evil eye.
"Stop it!" he yelled uncomfortably.
"No, it's fun" she replied.
"Please stop. You're creeping me out."
"Tough luck"
Hayla visited the grocery store to purchase some apples. In order to make sure she reaches her goal she ate 8 of them.
Hayla didn't have time to watch kids channel as she really needed to earn more money. She put the stereo on high and tried to play kids music where ever she went.
Hayla went out to visit Marcus. While she waited for him to greet her she started swimming in his pool without an invitation.
She took a long time to get out and Marcus had to wait quite some time before she was ready to go inside.
Once inside she didn't bother to beat around the bush.
"I see your belly is growing. You must be very excited" Marcus said enthusiastically.
"Why would I be excited!? I told you I'm done with this challenge!" she exploded.
"That's not what you said the other night"
"It was 4 in the morning and I was still recovering from your awful drinks! Do you think I'd know what I was saying or doing when I was that tired!?"
"No Marcus! I want nothing else to do with you. If I ever see you again you better run for your life."
"I'm sorry!"
"I don't care. You didn't listen when I told you I wasn't looking for baby daddies."
Cordelia was a big help around the house and often did household chores without her mother asking her.
She was very courageous as she didn't have an ounce of fear in her while she slid down the slide for the first time ever.
That night it was time for her birthday. Cordelia could really see her mom's big belly as she blew the party horn.
Hayla was extremely proud of how beautiful baby 14, Cordelia, aged up.
Just as Hayla started her new painting in the living room her water broke as the baby was ready to be born.
Hayla asked Cordelia to come along with her to the hospital as this was her first time not having a home birth and needed support.
A stranger started freaking out as Hayla approached the hospital.
He didn't stop until Cordelia was out of sight and then left for home, probably to sleep.
Hayla cam out carrying an adorable baby girl; baby 15, Zafrina (thanks to BrightFashion)
Cordelia ran out with baby 16, Sky (thanks to ENTELLIGENT)
Then followed Marcus, who sneaked into the hospital during the birth, with baby 17, Xavier (thanks to Lizzerd)
Thank you for reading. I couldn't get my game to stop crashing, even when I made a new save and put the saved family into town. Thus are Willow, Carmack, Cordelia and Hayla copies. I made Hayla from scratch in CAS and played with genetics with the fathers to get her kids. I gave Hayla a makeover because I wanted to make sure if it was corrupt CC that it doesn't get into the game again. The new save starts from the moment they enter the new house. Hayla will continue her challenge, even if she's still having doubts. Please leave comments, baby names and dads here or on the forum. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


  1. OMG SO GOOD!!!
    I was confused of the killing of all the kids :( But then at the end you explained, so that's all good now :) This wmakes me want to start a baby challenge, a real one... Maybe in the near future, so I won't have to delete one of my legaccies to make way for another...

  2. Thank you! :D
    I'm glad I made you want to start one. I hope you won't have to delete one of your legacies if you make one, especially not the rainbowcy. ;)

  3. loved the chapter jackie and thanks so much for using my daddy!
    alsp where did you get willow and hayla,s matenity clothes!?!?!

  4. Thanks! And no problem. He just had bad hair so I changed that.
    Hayla's: (it's at the bottom of the page, left)

  5. Sorry about your game crashing and I'm glad you made it through. Poor Marcus....

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