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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh man, I have a massive problem!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I have a very good reason. No, I'm not giving up! :D But my 100 baby challenge's saved game got corrupted and crashes a few minutes into the game. I've been worrying about it for days when I finally found out why it does that. I remembered something I had read a long time ago (the reason for the crashing) but I forgot the fix. In my saves folder there are 3 files for this saved game: Lavender baby challenge.sims 3, Lavender baby challenge.sims 3.backup and Lavender baby challenge.sims 3.bad. Of course the .bad one is causing the problems but I don't just want to delete it and cause even more problems. I remember there's something else I should do.

The sooner I get it fixed the sooner updates should be here. I have all the pics for the next one but I didn't get time to post it yet with school starting again and my game giving trouble. Whether or not I get it fixed I'm continuing but I'll prefer it if I can get it fixed. So please, toss out any ideas!


  1. :'( Tear - I'm so sorry I hope you can fix it if not (then you better....)

  2. I'm going to try as hard as I can to fix it. If I can't I'm going to see if it'll stop crashing long enough to save the family to make a new save for it. If it crashes too much I'll try to recreate them. But the Lavenders will live on!