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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Babies 11, 12 and 13: Disaster for the Lavenders

You know how you get tired of wearing the same outfit for a long time, or leaving your hair in the same style for years? Hayla felt a little like that. She had to change her clothes every time she got pregnant because the ones she normally wears are too small for her stomach to grow. After some shopping, she found a solution. She was so proud of how she styled herself she wanted to share it with the world. (She'll be up for download soon, when she finally uploads)
All her children loved her new look, though her babies seemed confused at why their mommy looks different all of a sudden.
Hayla managed to handle balancing taking care of her children and getting an income better. Money was rolling in as her gardening skill increased.
Soon it was time for the kids to age, and Hayla was so excited to see them. Baby 8, Charity
Baby 9, Ellison
Baby 10, Willow. The triplets all looked a lot like their father, all in different ways.
Hayla look at her triplets, satisfied at what she has achieved this far.
Ellison could be a little violent, always chewing off her dolls' heads. It seemed so satisfying to her.
Just like Amethyst, Luna had to catch some fish for school. She was failing miserably at it as she realised half of the fishing pole was broken off.
As always Hayla's older children helped her whenever they didn't have anything else to do. Hayla realised that looking after their younger siblings is their hobby. Charity seemed different from all the other children. She didn't like any attention from anyone besides her mom.
Luna always loved to experience new skills, ever since she was a toddler, and tried to fix the shower after it broke yet again. The only thing Hayla liked about the shower was that it's still usable and her kids can learn some new skills.
After Carmack saw what his sister did at the park he immediately wanted to try. He was brilliant at it and brought home tons of fish. Hayla was so proud of her little boy.
Charity pulled up her nose for every attempt her sisters made of interacting with her. She denied everything they wanted to teach her and Luna had a very hard time to teach her how to talk.
Willow on the other hand was the exact opposite. She loved every second with her siblings and seeks their attention. She didn't want them to leave her. Hayla's heart swelled as she saw what Willow did.
Finally after hours of trying and trying Charity showed some interest, only a little, but it was enough for Luna to teach her a few words.
While Luna and Natalie were occupied with her sisters Ellison felt a little neglected as they haven't shown interest in her. Hayla became very active with playing with Ellison to get rid of this emotion.
As Hayla went for a stroll in the late afternoon she saw an interesting man fishing at the coast, staring over the sea as the sun is setting.
He turned around quickly, giving Hayla the fright of her life. He had an evil cackle, without a doubt plotting someone's demise. However, Hayla didn't let this scare her off and walked confidently to him.
"I have a little favour to ask you, good looking" Hayla turned on the charm as she approached him.
"And what would that be?" he asked, flattered
"I have this wonderful challenge; a 100 baby challenge. I'm wondering if you could be my 11th child's dad. There are rules though. I can't be anything more than friends with you, you can't move in with us, you can't keep any of the kids (they have to stay with me) but you can visit anytime you want to."
"I don't know...I'm not really one for kids"
"I still don't like this challenge and I never will...these youngsters should have a real family...this situation isn't fit to raise them...why doesn't mom understand...? Isn't she normal?" Luna grumbled under her breath.
"You haven't even asked me to introduce myself. I'm Aaren Porter (thanks to nancy01905)" he said
"I'm Hayla Lavender" Hayla whispered as their lips touched.
Finally, after lots more sweet talk Aaren agreed to be her baby's daddy. As they arrived home Aaren was too tired to start the baby making process and instead took a nap. Hayla immediately called him out of the room to get the challenge moving along.
"Ready to go to the bed?" Hayla asked
"Oh yeah. Let's get started!" he replied enthused
As Charity's hair gets engulfed by the stench of the potty she experiences the first moment of no longer needing diapers.
Finally Ellison gets what she's been seeking for so long: attention from her siblings. The happiest moments of her life yet is spent as she learns how to walk from Natalie.
And Luna started teaching Willow how to talk properly. Sadly she couldn't finish but this was already enough help for Willow to say the most basic things.
Another great moment for Ellison as she too no longer needs someone to help her, as Natalie remembers with a smile what they called it as toddlers, the vicious and rogue potty.
With a shock Hayla realised that her hay fever returned and as she puked in the toilet most of the goo released actually came from her nose.
After that scene in the bathroom it took Hayla some time to get cleaned up and then she tended her garden. As soon as she was done she rushed inside as she heard her babies cry.
As previous babies loved to chew the xylophone's little hammer Charity preferred to stick it in her nose, a very odd picture for Hayla to see.
Now all three of the triplets were potty trained as Willow learned to do this on her own after learning it from her kind natured mom, who had so much patience teaching.
More birthdays for the Lavenders. They all had a feeling this time it would be different but how different it actually was, they didn't expect.
Just as Luna had aged up Natalie's cake caught on fire, too shocked to react while Luna screams her lungs out.
Hayla raced to the scene to get Ellison out of the room and extinguish the fire. As she ran to get Ellison she stopped in her tracks as she saw Natalie put out the fire. Hayla quickly got her baby out of the way while Natalie succeeded in extinguishing it.
Natalie flicked the sweat off of her forehead as relief piled in as the fire was gone.
Nothing except her cake got damaged. Hayla bought her a new one without a second thought, pride in her heart of what her daughter risked.
Even with this event everyone aged up good. Baby 5, Luna
Baby 6, Natalie
Baby 7, Carmack
As the twins moved out Ellison's tears wouldn't stop streaming down. She would always miss them.
Even after their rough start Charity also couldn't stop the tears.
Carmack was uneasy going alone to school for the first time, staring at the empty seat next to him.
Every afternoon after school he went to the park to fish and one afternoon while there he ran into his siblings. Layla had interest in fame and was already a 1 star celebrity.
As he cast the line he enjoyed the sun basking down on his face.
Alone at home with 3 toddlers Hayla was glad that Carmack had interest in something different than his siblings. Whilst he was enjoying himself she taught Charity how to walk.
As her stomach grew bigger she had a harder time getting into bed at night.
The school seemed to have a tradition of giving the opportunity of catching a fish for the school to 1 kid of each of the baby daddies. Carmack enjoyed it and soon he caught a goldfish to give to them.
Then came the second disaster during this pregnancy as Hayla went into labour just as she was about to feed Willow. The poor girl screamed in her stroller for help and Hayla just hoped that Carmack would return soon.
And so he did, just as Hayla had hoped, but he was so distracted by his mum going into labour that he didn't even notice Willow. Hayla tried to tell him to help her but it took quite some time before he understood.
Sorry, I just had to add this picture. The three Lavender musketeers!
First came a baby girl called Hazel (tanks to xocaptiveox)
Then came Kayla (thanks to ENTELLIGENT)
Hayla named her first ever green baby, baby 13, Gabrielle (thanks to BrightFashion)

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend. You can leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on my forum. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Yeah, congrats on the triplets and getting one with a green skin tone!

  2. Heyy, i loved this chapter. Everyone looks so adorable, i love the green skin on Gabrielle it suits her. :D

  3. Thanks. Yeah, Gabrielle looks adorable with that skin.