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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Babies 8, 9 and 10!

Hayla still couldn't believe that this cute bundle of joy in her arms is Jake Moore's baby. She was hoping that he will be as cute as his father. She was a little nervous about his health though. As a small baby he sneezed a lot whenever the flu was going round.
Amethyst took up some fishing for school. There was no way she wanted to fail!
Luna was all smiles. She was very playful most of the time and enjoyed entertaining herself with anything.
Natalie loved it when her sisters held her in their arms.
Soon Aleena started to teach her youngest sister how to walk. Natalie was so excited to be able to get to her faster.
Layla had a sudden urge to have cleaner teeth and so whipped out her toothbrush and brushed 'em twice.
For toddlers everyday was like school, just a funner version, as they always learned something new.
Hayla didn't even have time to get out of her maternity wear and gardened in it. It was calming just to dig with her nails in the cold, wet soil.
Layla experienced a sudden fit of sneezes, almost as bad as Hayla's, her eyes watering from the sting of her nose. None of the children knew about their mother's condition and so this came as a surprise to her eldest daughter. She was frightened and had no clue of what to do.
The itch didn't want to leave her nose and Layla had a hard time not to sneeze over the whole nursery. She was sick to the pit of her stomach and didn't want to get out of bed, to just lie there for eternity.
Oblivious to her sister's fear Luna scoped out the room with pride, just enjoying her careless childhood.
Amethyst continued with caring for her younger siblings. She grew close to Carmack as he was the first boy she could take care of, and since he didn't have any real siblings from his dad she wanted to show him some love.
 Play and play, all day!
 While Layla was trying to teach Luna to talk she payed no attention, apparently finding the taste of her fingers much more interesting and educational.
 Later that day Natalie finished her training on 2 feet, so excited she only wanted to walk around the whole day.
 It was a sad sight for Hayla to see 2 of her trees dead, the first ones she planted.
 Natalie's interest in her legs didn't wear down, playing with them when she gets tired of standing and closely examining them.
To get her mind off fear Layla attempted to fix the shower and, to her pleasure and surprise, she succeeded. The triplets proved to be great help.
A very stinky Hayla carried Luna to the cake, excited to see her babies grow up.
Ah yes, of course all the family members want in on the celebration.
The triplets seemed to be the disaster babies, the thing Hayla feared would happen. Aleena had bad nausea for quite some time now, and Hayla tried everything to get rid of it but to no avail. It was only Amethyst who hasn't showed any symptoms of sickness. They all hoped for the best.
Everyone put on a happy face for the babies' birthday, but Natalie was the odd one out. She was furious that her mother wouldn't let her any closer to the flame so she can taste it.
Baby 5, Luna
Baby 6, Natalie.
Baby 7, Carmack. He was a real cutie and all the girls sensed that he will someday be a heart breaker. With random ginger hair he certainly got his dad's looks, nicely mixed with Hayla's.
He had some problems though, always cold, making him shiver and cry. He couldn't understand why he could almost never feel the sun's warmth.
At times he just wouldn't care and instead do what all toddlers do; eat themselves while watching everything around them.
At the same time both these 2 children were struck by their illness again, 2 sour faces together.
Playing seems to be the cure for these 2, only for them, because every time they play everything disappears.
Aleena made sure to give him some extra warm milk to keep him from feeling that empty coldness inside him.
Stroking his hair she potty trained him.
He didn't want his sister to leave, wanting Aleena to play with him some more but Carmack didn't have trouble to fall asleep, so before she was a step away from his crib she already heard his soft breathing as his eyes fell closed.
They all did what they can to help their mom, seeing as she was struggling with money and needed every second to try to find a balance between her challenge and financial matters.
Luna and Natalie felt they wanted to help a bit with what concerns money and set off to paint, the sweet sound of cash rolling in from selling masterpieces in their head. After a while, it just became a hobby instead of trying to earn money.
Hayla finallly had time to plant some more plants, the seeds happily waiting to sprout in their dirt home.
Luna could never understand why her mother wanted to do this challenge.
"I don't like this...I want a daddy who lives with us...and real siblings, not half-brothers and -sisters" she sobbed.
Hayla went to the library to see if she could do anything to easier get daddies. With some help she made herself a website to attract some daddies. Luckily, she didn't have to wait long for a response.
"So you're clear on the rules? No romantic relationship between us, I keep the kids but you can visit and you can't move in." Hayla questioned.
"I understand it all. I'm Mack Cook (thanks to minpin45)." he answered
In the house Carmack got warmed up and made some music.
All went well and the special kiss had the normal effect, everything taking on a romantic mood.
Layla had no problems teaching her brother how to walk and enjoyed the experience, wishing she could stay long enough to teach a few more toddlers some skills.
The twins were different, almost no resemblance in looks and their personalities varied, but they were best of friends.
Every time she took a shower Natalie cried her eyes out, thinking of the object and wishing for its demise...I'd also like to know the answer, but I think she's taking her hydrophobia way too serious.
And then baby 8 got life!
Ooh, I didn't know he had tattoos.
Life with lots of babies will never be easy, most of all not when your youngest kid gets ice cold 10 times in one night and wakes you up. Hayla felt that this was her fault, that she brought this upon her children. Right then and there she wanted to stop her challenge after her next baby is born, but then she remember why she started it in the first place: to help her kids cope with their flaws and show the world you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Eventually, after tossing and turning the rest of the night she came to a decision.
Yes, it's the visit of the party horn! Birthdays!
First up was Layla, sparkling her way into young adulthood.
And then the finished result.
Next was Aleena.
Layla set off to play with Carmack for a little longer for the last time.
And then, the masterpiece. Amethyst grew up fantastic and Hayla was so proud of her. There was no way she could abandon her challenge. She loves this feeling of success when she sees her kids all grown up. It shows her how well she did her job as a single parent.
Amethyst gave one more look at the house and the family she's leaving behind before she and her sisters move out to their new home. She will always miss how crowded and full of kids this house is.
Baby 4 trailed behind while her sisters walked quickly to the car.
As his potty training was complete Carmack made the most peculiar face Hayla has ever seen her kids make. He would certainly charm all the ladies as a teen.
The only thing that kept Natalie from crying after showers: the shower breaking and then yelling at it. Nice.
The twins always did their homework together, the joy of discussion filling the room.
The best part was that whenever the one didn't have an answer to a question the other one had it.
Hayla had no struggle teaching her son how to talk, loving all his funny movements when she taught him certain words.
The Lavenders got a surprise visit from baby 1, Aerius. His mother welcomed him with open arms.
Carmack had no clue he had an older brother and continued his musical training.
Mother and son were reunited.
She asked him to stay for the night, to meet some of his new siblings and that they can catch up.
Like all other guests he immediately went for the TV, gluing his eyes to the screen.
Even though nobody was sleeping in his old bed he chose Layla's old one. Maybe he likes pink better?
It was only a few hours later when Carmack celebrated his birthday with his mother and brother.
Oh yeah, I forgot Aerius disliked children ever since he moved out. Poor Natalie, the target of this tantrum. How grown men can embarrass themselves in the same way as 5 year olds.
Carmack had to stay warm, as he easily got colds and had a hard time getting well again.
The twins' favourite game is tag! How fun. Don't be alarmed, those brown stripes won't eat her, it's just her sister's hair.
Ya see, nothing to worry about. Oh, just look at how big Hayla's garden has gotten in the background.
Now heavily pregnant with her next baby Hayla just relaxed with more spare time on her hands than usual.
More birthdays. Carmack laughed until he collapsed when he saw how his sister looked when she grew up.
Baby 5, Luna
Baby 6, Natalie
While her garden needed no attention and all her babies were grown up Hayla took up her old hobby of painting.
Just as she was almost done with her second painting, about half an hour before the school bus arrived, Hayla went into labour. Natalie was the first ever Lavender baby to witness her mother in labour. While she freaked out, her mom just concentrated on her breathing.
The poor girl, going to school with a worried heart before her sibling's birth.
Holding her baby 8 up to her painting she loved her instantly. This is Charity (thanks to beaglelover2008)
Another cute baby girl, baby 9, followed. Hayla named her Ellison (thanks to cmhartjes)
Baby 10 was a real poser. Hayla was excited that her baby winked for the camera. This baby got the name Willow (thanks to Dreamer32910)
Only 90 more babies to go! :D

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend. You can leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on my forum. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Great job and congratulations on triplets!

    Would you check out my challenge? Thanks.

  2. Loving your challenge this far, catlover800. Following it. :D

  3. SNaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww Baby 10 is cute :) and is it just me or does Lunas head seem a bit.... Small for her face??


  4. Thanks you. :)
    hmm...yeah, now that I pay attention to it does kinda look like that, lol.

  5. Hi, I love reading this and am always super excited when one comes out.
    I was just wondering, by any chance, do you remember where you got Natalie's shoes in the pic where she's doing homework with Luna?
    Thank you for the inspiration. I will attempt my own 100 baby challenge as soon as I can. :)

  6. Thank you! :D
    Those shoes came with a Sim I downloaded, so I don't have a link for you. :( I'll check whether I have an uploaded sim of my own with those shoes, if not I'll upload one for you. ;)

    And please post a link. I'd love to read it. :)