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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby 7

Hayla  was so happy about getting these wonderful twin girls. They didn't really cry much when they were babies and were a great joy for their mom.
Aerius helped to teach Layla how to talk so she can be ready to age up.
Amethyst enjoyed making music to her heart's content and concentrated on building some skills
Aleena did the same, but with blocks. Amethyst was a genius but Aleena felt she needed to gain some more knowledge
"Aerius, Luna cwyin'" Layla alerted her brother
"Should I go help her?" he asked
"When I learnt to talk"
"That's in a few seconds."
"I know, that why I say so"
Luna was screaming her little lungs out for help, and soon got saved by the brave young night known as Aerius.
After his brave rescue for Luna our hero moved on to Natalie, who was just as big a damsel in distress.
When their need were satisfied, big brother bonded with his blue-skinned little sis'.
Later that day it was birthday time. Hayla was very curious to how her princesses would age. Going by birth order, Layla was first.
Then Aleena, brought to the cake by her brother. From all the dollhouse playing when Aerius was younger they had a strong relationship.
Amethyst was so excited to become a child and go to school. She kept waving her arms in the air.
Layla aged up in the funniest way, all cross-eyed.
Baby 2, Layla, dressed in a kind of school uniform which suited how responsible she is. There's a nice balance of genes between her mom and dad.
Baby 3, Aleena, was very successful in growing hair and the triplets could all share the same hairstyle. She started looking a little more like her mom but still mostly like her dad. Her black hair was unexplainable.
Baby 4, Amethyst, was definitely the princess between the triplets and loved wearing pink. Proudly on her shirt she had the words 'daddy's girl'
The twins also had their birthday. Baby 5, Luna, looked lovely as she wore the same shirt as Amethyst, just smaller, and Hayla's hair complimented her skin tone.
Baby 6, Natalie, had random brown hair and also loved her pink clothes. (Thanks to ENTELLIGENT for her hairstyle)
Luna, just like previous Lavender toddlers, loved the dollhouse. That was the first thing she did after her makeover.
Hayla took Natalie into her arms and gave her a kiss on her nose.
Amethyst was anxious to try some real food instead of bottles and immediately attacked the fridge for a sandwich.
Hayla tried to potty train Natalie but she just shook her head and threw a tantrum until she was released from the 'monster chair'
Luna however wanted to tried Natalie's 'killing gaping hole'
Amethyst took up painting for a hobby and really enjoyed having a blank canvas open for creativity.
Natalie finally calmed down and started making cute faces at her mother.
However, when she was put in her new stroller she was scared and didn't want her mom to leave. Unfortunately for her, Hayla had other matters to attend to and couldn't stay with her angel.
Hayla glanced to the other side of the street and found the perfect daddy for baby 7. Yes, this is the famous Jake Moore from the Moore 100 baby challenge. Thank you FireBird99 for letting Jake have his 11th baby with Hayla. He already completed his generation of the 100 baby challenge, so this might be his last "official" baby.
Amethyst challenged Layla to a battle of speed, stealth and bravery. The ultimate challenge for kids: Tag!
It seemed Layla really needed some exercise, because after barely one step she started huffing and puffing.
"Hi, I'm Hayla. I'm a big fan of your 100 baby challenge. Can I ask you a favor?" Hayla introduced herself after running to Jake.
"Oh, thank you. What can I do for a lovely young lady like you?" he replied
"I have my own 100 baby challenge and I'm wondering if you'll be my baby 7's daddy. All your kids are so cute"
"So, are we going to get right down to business? It'll be fun to be your child's dad. And you can skip the rules, I know all about them"
"Thanks so much! Just come to my house and we can begin"
Later on Aleena joined in on the game and the triplets were engaged in battle.
Sadly, there wasn't enough time to conceive and Hayla and Jake had to call it off for a while.
"I get beautiful house...for kids" Hayla talked in her sleep
"" Jake also said while sleeping.
Jake woke up first and started stalking Layla in the bathroom. Creeper! O.o
That day after school Aleena rode her bike home for some exercise.
The twins had matching pj's and shared the dollhouse fun for some bonding.
Aerius finally convinced Natalie to use the potty, but she wasn't happy about it. She still thought it's going to eat her.
Layla had a bit of a hard time with homework.
Amethyst on the other hand zipped through the assignment.
Only a few times would she have trouble and that would be when her sister asked her what certain answers was. The head-scratching occurred because she couldn't remember where the answers were.
"Gahh, the babies are screaming me deaf!" Jake yelled
"I thought you have 10 babies" Aerius commented
"I didn't hear them cry. They had a separate...more sound proof room"
In the late hours of the night Hayla tended to her garden's needs.
Aleena had to do her homework alone and was aggravated with it.
Jake found Hayla in her garden and took the initiative to start conceiving.
Just when they wanted to retire to the bedroom Aerius had his birthday and the 2 decided to celebrate it with him.
He decided to go for a more sophisticated look and immediately moved out for a fresh start.
Then they had the room to themselves and conceived baby 7, and Jake's baby 11.
Luna was first to learn to potty and Hayla was so proud.
After their conceiving Jake kept stalking Hayla. Really, he left after they tried for baby and then came back and just stared at her.
Only for a few seconds though, because then he rushed off in his car.
The triplets brought a friend home from school and Luna watched some TV with her.
Hayla went for a nap but was woken up by a movement in her tummy. Baby 7 here we come!
Hayla could finally get Natalie potty trained and her fear of it vanished.
For some reason she did everything in slow motion and it was 8 pm when she started and couldn't get in bed until 11pm, but decided to pass out on the floor. She only had about 8 or 9 actions to do!
"Race you home, Amethyst!" Aleena challenged her sister
"No fair! You've done this before!" Amethyst complained as her sister had an early lead.
Hayla had some spare time and taught Luna how to walk.
The triplets had their next birthday and were ready to blow out the candles.
Baby 2, Layla.
Baby 3, Aleena
Baby 4, Amethyst. The triplets started developing their own styles and didn't have that big a resemblance any more.
Amethyst wanted to take care of her siblings. Hayla was touched when she saw the youngest triplet playing with the twins.
Natalie was obsessed with bottles and Hayla feared what would happen when she grew too old for them.
Hayla also taught Natalie to talk, but she needed some encouragement.
"If you speak mommy will see if she can get you a bear." Hayla said
Natalie just smiled and then started talking.
Luna loved watching television but the triplets had it on an inappropriate channel. Hayla was hard at work with Natalie and didn't notice this.
Aleena became very helpful around the house and fixed multiple broken objects.
Soon contractions kicked in and Hayla was so excited to have Jake's baby.
She had a beautiful baby boy and named him Carmack (thanks to KinztheSim)
Thanks for reading! You can leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on my forum. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thanks :) I think Layla is my favourite from all her teen kids so far.

  2. The triplets are so pretty!! I bet they get it from their mom!(;

  3. Hehe, thanks. ^_^ I'm so glad she doesn't have any ugly kids yet.