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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby 21: Baskets of Children Trouble

As a little treat Hayla bought the children a few bunk beds for their rooms. Sky immediately took the top bunk before anyone could stop him.
Zafrina was quite the prankster. She experimented with the shower and waited for a victim to arrive.
She didn't have to wait long until the unfortunate Sky took a shower.
"Ah! That was...wait, what?! My hair! My beautiful hair! What...what happened?" he sobbed.
It wasn't long until it was birthday time.
Baby 18, Fallon.
Baby 19, Tyler
Baby 20, Aurora.
There was no way Sky would take this lying down. He quickly hatched a plan to get back at Zafrina.
"Hey Zafrina" he said.
"Hey bro!" she replied.
"Don't you want to get the hair dye off your hands? Y' know, just in case mom wants to know who played the prank, then she can't blame you."
As soon as she opened the tap she was splashed in the face with a beam of water, all appearing to come from the drain.
"What is the meaning of this, young man?" Hayla scolded.
"She pranked me first! I was only" he tried to explain.
"Revenge? None of that in my house! I don't believe Zafrina would have pranked you for no reason."
"No buts. This is a warning, but if I find you disobeying again you'll be in big trouble."
"Howsey, we pway pwanky too?" Aurora giggled.
"..." was her doll's reply.
"Ywes! Pwanky, pwanky!"
"We nweve' pway pwank, wight 'owsies?"Tyler said.
"..." was both their replies.
"Joo mwean howses!"
The triplets' childhood was uneventful and they soon entered the world of teenhood.
Baby 15, Zafrina
Baby 16, Sky
Baby 17, Xavier
Hayla started teaching Fallon how to talk as soon as she had the opportunity whilst Aurora napped in the background.
Poor Sky's hair was once again dyed, to his relief this time a manly colour, and once again Zafrina got away with it.
As she heard her prank succeeded she tried to teach Tyler how to talk.
"Say prank" she urged.
"No! Me no like it!" Tyler protested.
During that day when Sky and Zafrina's hormones completely took over they both started teaching the toddlers their life skills.
By the time Xavier got home he joined in and taught Fallon how to walk.
When nighttime fell Sky pranked the school by flooding it and threw eggs at a neighbor's house. This was unsuccessful as the police caught him red handed and he was escorted home.
"Zafrina!!" Hayla yelled.
"It wasn't me, it wasn't me!" she pleaded.
"I suppose then it was Aurora who made you get a D!"
"Like I said to your brother, this is your first and only warning."
When Sky got home he heard he got grounded for his prank, making him so mad he almost wanted to run away.
Later that night Zafrina finished what Xavier started and taught Fallon how to walk.
There was a knock on the front door and Hayla went to answer it, finding an interesting man standing there, a huge smile brightening up his face when he saw her.
"Hayla Lavender? You're doing a 100 baby challenge, right?"
"Uh...Yes! Please step inside."
As soon as they got in the house the man wasted no time beating around the bush.
"It would be such an honour to participate in your challenge. I've read the rules a million times and I accept."
Without answering Hayla kissed him, the perfect reply to his request, and they both savoured the moment.
"Do you have a name?" Hayla giggled as soon as they moved away from each other.
"Kyoko Yoshiru (thanks to Suresammi). Pay me a visit tomorrow and we can conceive."
Moments later Zafrina successfully taught Aurora how to walk.
Whilst Sky taught Tyler how to talk.
"You sure you my bwodda?" she asked.
"Yes" he answered.
"You my bwodda?"
"You my weal bwodda?"
When Aurora went to bed Xavier made sure to read her a bedtime story with lots of pictures.
He barely read for 3 minutes when his little sister was sound asleep.
Unlike his older triplets, Xavier has never played a prank before and wanted to find out why they thought it was so much fun. First he rigged the toilet.
Next came the shower. When he was done he wondered how much trouble he'll get in and if it'll be worth it.
Hayla finally had some time to play with her children again and tickled Fallon till she almost peed her pants.
As soon as the sun rose she headed over to Kyoko's.
When Hayla headed upstairs Kyoko trailed behind to inspect the stove, making sure he turned it off.
"Ready to conceive, handsome?" Hayla asked.
They ducked under the covers and the sweet sound of the lullaby drifted through the air.
Sky was the one who ran into Xavier's booby traps. The toilet's filthy water splashed him soaking wet.
"Nooooooooooo!!" he yelled as he realised his hair was once again pink.
Sky tried to teach Tyler how to walk and she copied everything he did.
The prom was coming up and Xavier was the first of the teens to get a date.
"So...River...will you...uh...go the uh...prom...with me?" he stammered nervously as he asked his good friend River to the prom.
Her boyfriend stared at them, jealous as he watched her say yes.
"And these are for you" he said as he got down on his knee and gave her red roses.
Before heading out Zafrina started teaching Aurora how to talk.
Before Hayla could get to the nursery she lost her dinner in the toilet.
"Hey you!" Zafrina greeted when she arrived at her friend's house.
"Hi" he replied.
"I'm really looking forward to the prom. How about you?"
"Yeah...but I don't have a date."
"Allow me to fix that. How about we go together, eh?"
Back home Hayla finished Aurora's English training.
Miraj quickly got himself dressed up and followed Zafrina outside where they watched the stars.
"Oh, isn't it beautifull?" Zafrina sighed.
"Not as beautiful as you."
"Oh you!"
Zafrina soon got out her flashlight and told the scariest ghost story she could think of.
"...Right there, in the middle of the room, the shadow became life like; only a few inches away from the 4 year old girl..."
Her only listener couldn't even look away for a second and glued his eyes to Zafrina.
That night while Zafrina was sleeping over at Miraj's it was time for the triplets to age up.
"Me want cake, me want cake!" Fallon screamed.
Baby 18, Fallon.
Baby 19, Tyler
Baby 20, Aurora
The next morning Hayla felt a kick in her stomach as baby 21 made his or her presence official.
Aurora asked her mum to read her a bedtime story, enjoying every little detail as her mother made all the funny noises and tried to sound like the characters.
Hayla paid close attention to her daughter and closed the book as soon as she saw her eyes fall shut, giving her a kiss on the head before leaving the room.
"Zafrina, you're in a heap of trouble!" Hayla yelled at her daughter as she headed out to prom. Her siblings ran to school to make sure their mom can't get to them.
"What did I do?" Zafrina cried.
"Your grades! Go take a time out."
Before her mom could protest Zafrina was in the limo riding to prom.
When everyone was either out of the house or asleep Hayla went back to her painting, which sold for over 300 simoleons later on.
Every child got a prom photo, although Sky was disappointed that he was alone in his. His siblings were both in the photos with their new boyfriend and girlfriend.
To everybody's surprise Xavier got elected prom king!
Hayla thought Tyler looked so adorable when she dressed up like a queen.
The teens went on a field trip to the mausoleum, excited to get out of school and explore he graveyard.
As there was a big crowd of kids in front of the school Zafrina ran a little late but at least she got there at last.
Zafrina was in another one of her moods and was caught stealing tests. She got grounded as soon as her mom heard about it.
Upstairs Hayla went into labour, all alone but ready to take care of herself.
She quickly made it to the hospital with an extremely slow paramedic in front of her.
She cam out with an adorable baby girl named Jessalyn (thanks to xocaptiveox)
She took her home in a stroller and Jessalyn was extremely excited about it.
Thanks for reading. :) I think this chapter is way better than the last one, since I had to rush that one. Please leave comments, baby names and daddies here on the forum.


  1. Loving the Generations fun thrown in there! <3
    The baby names are so unique too! ^.^

  2. Thanks! ^_^
    I have all my awesome viewers to thank for the unique names. :D