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Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies 22 and 23: Mysterious Trouble

*Hayla's P.O.V.*

 Before we knew it it was time for my babies to grow up and leave home. I almost couldn't watch without bursting into tears.
Baby 15, Zafrina, became more mature after her transition into a young adult.
 Next it was baby 16, Sky.
 Baby 17, Xavier, didn't want to pose in front of the mirror and so I took a picture of him after he blew out the candles.
 I realised how fast this was going when I saw baby 21, Jessalyn, become a toddler.
 Following her transition she got a very weird and old looking toy in the mail and she wanted it with her every time she slept.
While everyone else slept silently in their beds Fallon snuck out and built an amazing sandcastle, but of course she thought it was rubbish.
"MY HAIR! Oh my beautiful hair, ruined!" Tyler sobbed when she stepped out of the shower.
It wasn't long until Aurora and Tyler joined in, throwing sand everywhere and building sandcastles while happily talking to each other.
When I woke up the next morning the previous night was mostly a blur. I started to get worried as I remembered what happened the last time my memory went blank. I braced myself and everything slowly rushed back as I realised I had a massive head ache.
The previous day
I awoke from a ruckus in my bedroom, moaning and groaning as I get up to see what's going on. As I got up my jaw dropped when I saw stranger in the middle of the room, jumping to conclusions that he might be a robber and thought he hurt my children on his way up.
 He grabbed my hand and lead my downstairs into the girls' room and I finally realised what time it is. The kids were obviously already at school and so he took his chance to get in.
"W-who...are y-you?" I stammered.
"I'm Jensen Ackles (thanks to Penny848). And I'm here to be your next baby daddy" he said and tried to charm me as I finally got the courage to sound less like a baby ready to burst into full blown tears.
"And that gives you the right to walk into my home, unannounced?"
"Of course. Y' see, I'm not your normal baby daddy, but enough of that. I don't care what you say, so let's go back to your room to do the deed."
Before I could even think of protesting he already had me on the bed, making sure I can't escape as he held my hand as tightly as he could.
"Now wait a second! I am not doing this!" I yelled frantically.
"You have no choice. I'll keep coming back until you give me what I want. And remember, it's not like your children have body guards to protect them" he said as he raised his eyebrow. He had me trapped and there was only one way out of it, no matter how much I hated it.
We ducked under the covers to get this over with, hoping this will go better than I'm expecting.
"Now that we've done this nobody can know" he said strictly.
"Nobody has to know" I said quickly out of fear.
"Not even you."
As I was pulling my pillow closer he grabbed me by the shoulders and gently thumped my head against the bed and everything went black after a few more seconds.
He took my hands in his and enjoyed lying next to my silent and calm body for 10 more minutes before getting up to go through my house and see what else he can get.

*Jessalyn's P.O.V.*
"My bestie fwiend! Me BFF! Me lovey me bestie buddy Snuggles, da toy!" I sang to Snuggles, my favourtie toy in the whole world.
As I played the day away I heard someone enter the room and when I looked up I saw the stranger, walking to me with an evil grin on his face.
He started potty training me, patting my head as he put me down.
"Yes little one. I have plans for you but I can't have you wearing diapers" he whispered mysteriously, giving me the chills.
He didn't want to leave me alone at all! He kept poking around my room for something and examined me closely; taking my hands in his like a gentleman would do before kissing his date (only, he didn't kiss my hands), played with my hair and gently stroked my face. Most people might see this as spoiling me, but either I was just really tired or this man was up to something...something that will hurt our family. He was actually trying to suck up to me but it definitely didn't work.
After a while he put me in my crib, taking care to make sure I fall asleep before moving away; as my eyes fell shut I gave a little scream for help.
He didn't count on me faking falling asleep, so I stayed awake for a few more minutes to eavesdrop on his conversation.
"Yes, everything is going according to plan...She wouldn't let me at first but I finally convinced her to...Yes, I'm sure...Uh...4...of course. I'll let you know when it happens..." he said into the phone but I only heard half of the conversation, seeing as his phone wasn't on speaker; the conversation continued but I was already sound asleep.

*Fallon's P.O.V.*
Aurora's eyes were already halfway closed when we headed to bed to be ready for school tomorrow. It felt like we were sleepwalking as we were walking down the hallway, looking forward to laying our heads down on our soft pillows; but I forgot all about that when I heard a heart wrenching scream that made my blood run cold, although it didn't seem like Aurora noticed as she kept on strolling to bed as if in a trance.
I ran past her and entered our room where I found nothing out of the ordinary...until I looked closer; there was only a few things to show someone was in here, maybe even a mere minute ago.
  1. The window was wide open; broken, in fact.
  2. The smell of blood hung in the air, still fresh.
  3. A knife was hidden underneath Tyler's pillow.
My heart beated fast as I climbed into bed; I had a feeling this wasn't going to be the last time we hear of this person and fear rested in my heart, making me cry the night away.

The next morning- The present

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
Tyler locked herself in the study day in and day out, no matter how many times the rest of us try to lure her out. We all know she's writing something- but what? Nobody knows. She doesn't want to tell anyone. I have only been able to read one sentence before she caught me and password protected the thing, and that sentence was:
'He was coming after me with a huge knife, lifting his eyebrow as I start to scream, right before we heard footsteps in the hallway.'
I can only hope this isn't an auto-biography.
I felt the need to go play with little Jessalyn, but I was really surprised when she started screaming as soon as I brought out my 'claw' to tickle her.
As soon as I started tickling her it looked like she was about to burst into tears, trying to hold them back.
Finally she started laughing until her mouth hurt from smiling, trying to get me to stop.
After a while she convinced me to put her down, so I upgraded Cadence's stereo.

*Jessalyn's P.O.V.*
Mommy put me on the potty, hoping I'll finally get out of diapers and use 'the big girl potty' on my own. This time I'm more nervous than usual after what happened last night, but I scrape all my courage together and I finally do it. I'm potty trained!
Mommy even taught me how to talk. Now I can use big girl potty and big girl words. This is the best day ever!
"Who's my little girl?" Mommy teased.
"I, I, I! Mommy love me!" I giggled.
"Yes I do, my darling."
"Mommy? Stwanger in house last night."
"Oh no" Mommy whispered, hoping I wouldn't hear.

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
After I heard what little Jessalyn said I became anxious, hoping Fallon was safe where she was out collecting bugs. That guy...Jensen Ackles...can come back at any moment. I don't think we're safe anymore.
"Ah, there you are!" Fallon laughed as she picked up the bug, while little did we know who was hiding nearby.
"Come, my baby. Do you want to learn how big girls walk?" I said as I took Jessalyn's hands to help her take her first steps.
"Yes! Me big girl" she laughed.
I watched her as she walked closer to me with sparkling eyes, all wobbly making her way closer. She's a very eager learner.
Just as she was getting confident on her feet I felt a familiar sensation in my stomach. I realised I was once again pregnant but unlike all the other times I didn't feel excited; I just felt scared, wondering how the baby will be and if he or she will be like their father. I hope not...

*Aurora's P.O.V.*
It would soon be our birthday and I wanted to savour the last day of childhood. I don't know why the whole house is so jumpy ever since that other night and I'm not sure I want to know.
Undersea world here I come!
When I told my mom I was going out to collect rocks it looked like her eyes popped right out of her head.
"Are you sure you want to? You can stay home and we can all do something together" she said, looking very worried, but I just said I'll be fine. Seriously, what is everyone's problem?
At home Tyler finally got out of the study and held a mini tea party with the teddy bear. Something is definitely wrong here- but can somebody just tell me what!?
When I got home Fallon was already blowing out the candles of her cake. Boy, life is moving fast.
Baby 18, Fallon. She had to wear glasses and for some reason which I will never understand wanted the big dorky ones. To be honest they actually suit her.
Baby 19,Tyler. We were all very surprised when her hair turned out curly. I have no idea where that came from!
Baby 20, Aurora- me! Ugh, why do all 3 of us need glasses? These things are awful! Mom forced me to put them on and I was so mad I didn't even want to wave for the camera.
I think Fallon was secretly laughing at me. Older sisters! *rolls eyes*
*Hayla's P.O.V.*
Whoa! There are some careless drivers in this world. Somebody almost crashed into Cadence Sierra's house! Those pigs!
I was returning Cadence's stereo and wanted to thank her for all her help. I almost didn't leave the house as I was scared that guy was going to show up. Aurora finally convinced me to leave them home alone, but I think she just wants to walk around without her glasses.
"I finished upgrading your stereo" I told Cadence.
"Why thank you Hayla. How's the challenge going?" she replied, caring more about the challenge and my children than her stereo.
"You'll never guess...I'm pregnant with baby 22!"
"That's wonderful! It feels good to continue the challenge, doesn't it?"
"Yes, you were right."
Cadence bent down and felt my stomach, a huge smile spreading over her face as she felt the baby (or babies) kick.
"Who's the dad?" she asked.
"Jensen Ackles" I replied.
"Hmm...that sounds vaguely familiar."
While I was out Tyler decided it was about time she did something nice for me and my younger children, and so finished teaching Jessalyn how to walk.
"Me big girl now, me big girl!" Jessalyn exclaimed.

*Jessalyn's P.O.V.*
I saw mommy was painting something, something strange, and when I asked her she said:
"It's you, silly! I wanted to try something different for a change."
"Look mommy! I can balance!" I laughed as mommy took me to my cake in a stroller.
"Sit down, my baby. You're going to fall off and hurt yourself" she said, but I could balance- so why is she so worried? Nonetheless, I sat down.
We passed a very funny gnome on our way to the cake! I decided that that's my gnome.
And here I am as a big girl- baby 21, Jessalyn. I'm the prettiest fairy in the world! For some reason mom was very sad when she saw me in this dress. When I asked what's wrong she told me about Gabrielle.
After my transition I heard about Gabrielle and started crying. I can't believe all the bad things that can happen in this world!
But then I saw the bright side. I couldn't believe my eyes! My favourite doll turned into my imaginary friend!

*Tyler's P.O.V.*
Has Jessalyn gone crazy!? All night long she's been making silly faces at the air in front of her and playing tag with absolutely nothing. Weird little girl...
How can they do this???? This is the time we all have to stick together, through thick and thin, and these 2 are at each other's throats.
"Fallon, you are such a loser! I can't believe you're my older triplet!" Aurora insulted our sister.
"Ugh! You know, you're so childish! Want to see your face?" Fallon stood up for herself and pulled a ridiculous face.
As I walked into the room they must have seen my face; ever since that other night Fallon has been super nice to me and finally convinced Aurora not to do anything that could upset me. They didn't want me to see them fight and Aurora immediately apologised to Fallon.
I probably lost my mind but I pranked the school. Yes, you heard me; out of fear that I will see that guy again I became rebellious, but I wasn't successful. The police caught me before I even entered the principal's office.
Mom was fuming- and why wouldn't she be? I understand why she punished me but I was still too mad to talk to her.
"You are GROUNDED, missy! Don't even THINK of leaving this house!" she yelled.
When she went to bed I snuck out and finally played my prank. The school had no idea who did it and barely suspected me. It was EPIC!
Mom got to me as soon as school came out and, although I don't understand this, I was grounded. I mean, come on! I'm already grounded. -_-
Right after I got double grounded mom went into labour.
"Honey, help me get to the hospital!" she yelled.
Did she honestly think it was going to be that easy? Not only is she giving me the punishment of my life, the baby or babies she's giving birth to belong to Jensen Ackles. I'm not helping that pig get what he wants!

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
I couldn't believe Tyler! She didn't lift a finger to help me; she didn't even freak out like a normal person witnissing labour for the first time. Nonetheless, I got myself in the car and drove to the hospital in no time.
Jensen even decided to join me in the hospital. He only made me nervous with the look in his eyes- it was a hungry look, a look of truimph.
I walked out of the hospital with baby 22, Laika (thanks to missamazing2008).
Jensen came running out with baby 23, April (thanks to Nancy01905).
"You're mine now. There's no escaping" he whispered to little April, without me hearing, and ran down the street with her before anyone could notice.

Thanks for reading! I know it's a little late but I wanted to do something different for a change. I've seen that 2 readers marked that my previous 2 updates were boring. Could you 2 please tell my how to improve? I don't want to keep disappointing you. ;)
Please leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on the forum.


  1. hi jackie i love the new chapter and the story line was great!
    you are such a good writer!

  2. Aww, this was definitely not boring! Excellent job!

  3. Thank you! :D
    I didn't know you had a 100 baby challenge.
    *runs off to read it*

  4. Loving the storyline, Jackie!
    That baby daddy is so creepy... O.O

  5. Thanks. ^.^ It's not so easy to think up a storyline for a baby challenge but I'm glad I finally thought of something. XD
    Ikr? He gives me the chills. o.O

  6. I really like the names Analise ( Ann-a-leese) Antigani, Lorelei (Laura-lie), and Rowan. Maybe you could name some kids with them?