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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Babies 24, 25 and 26: Jensen's Return

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
 I saw him do it. I saw him take her away from us...and I did nothing. I watched him put her down on the cold ground in front of the hospital before picking her up again and running into the woods. That was the last time I saw them. Every now and then I cried like I would never have to stop, and wondered how I'd pull myself together to continue my challenge.
 "Don't worry, Laika. We'll get her back...we'll get her back" I cooed as I held little April's twin in my arms. It's hard for me as a mother, but how will it be for Laika as a twin without her twin?
 Everyone took this loss hard; Aurora had trouble getting up in the morning, Fallon shed a tear every few minutes, Jessalyn turned to denial and Tyler...well, she turned even more silent than usual, if that's possible.

*Aurora's P.O.V.*
 I watched Jessalyn as she slept, so innocent and unharmed, with a wonderful life in front of her. Everything was so quiet as I admired her fact, it was too quiet. Panic soon set in when I realised tonight's silence was unusual and dangerous.
 I almost jumped 10 meter into the air when Jessalyn's hand fell flat on the bed, stuck between 2 of the rails; I went closer to examine it, wondering why it suddenly dropped to that spot, and found rope-burns on her wrists. I was right. The silence was deadly. He could be lurking around here without us knowing...ready to take another victim.
 I stared out in front of me into nothingness, hoping to find answers instead of just darkness. I know what we must do. All of this, our family's lives, has to be saved by someone; but who? With a shock I realise there are only 3 people in the world to do that- me, Fallon and mom.
 I stepped into the bathroom looking over my shoulder the whole time, wondering when he will strike again. I don't feel safe anymore. I feel like we're all at the verge of dying. It only took one person to ruin our family, to break our bond into bits; I'm determined to stop this, and I will succeed.

*Fallon's P.O.V.*
 I heard Aurora in the bathroom as I woke up, sitting up in bed before opening my eyes. I wanted to concentrate on the sounds around me before focusing on everything I can see; I've lived in this state of fear for years now, ever since someone broke in that night Tyler was traumatised, and now I'm going to free myself of that. The time has come for his evil doings to end.
 I slowly turned around to climb down when I felt something peculiar under the blankets; it a knife. I carefully lifted up the covers and looked at the object with a beating heart...he was here...he was here for me. My eyes didn't deceive me; there it was- the knife, ready to be used once more.
 I forced myself to climb down, too scared to look around; too scared that I'll find him. I know he's around here somewhere, I know he's getting ready to strike again...but I'm too scared to fight him.
 When my feet finally landed on the wooden floor I stared straight into Jessalyn's creepy toy's face. I shivered; I don't have a good feeling about that thing. It's like its eyes follow me around, like its little arms are going to grab me at any given moment. Somehow I think it's Jensen's accomplice.
 As I walked past the dark staircase leading to mom's room I couldn't help but stare at it; they're so dark and have so many steps anyone could be hiding there. Anyone could be up in mom's room without us knowing. Anyone could be up there, ready to rip us all apart.
 When I reached the dining room I found Aurora having trouble with her homework, which is weird for her since she normally gets it done first.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"You know...Jensen and April" she replied, knowing I actually already know the answer.
"It'll all work out in the end; you'll see."
"I sure hope so."
 I sat down next to her to start my homework just as mom entered the room; we both had trouble doing the assigned work, mainly because of the feeling of being watched.
Tyler. The one thing that made the room turn even more silent than it already is. I thought it was impossible, but no. I feel bad for her; it seems like everyone has been avoiding her, but her brain has left her stranded alone in the middle of nowhere.

*Tyler's P.O.V.*
I looked down at my homework. Backstabbers; that's what they are. My sisters- backstabbers. Why do they always stop laughing when I'm near them? Why do they always stop talking when I approach them? Why do they always look so tense when I'm around? Questions, questions, questions...and no love for little Tyler...
Even mom. It seems that she always just stares blankly into space when I'm around. Why!? Am I weird? Am I abnormal? No! I'm just quiet- is that a problem?! I want to live my life without everyone cowering in fear when they see me. Is that too much to ask?
Apparently yes. Little Jessalyn is one of the people who try to avoid, just like everyone else in the world. She would often just stare at me like I'm some kind of alien being eating her soup. And I am not! Everyone hates me, no one loves me and everybody wants me to disappear.
I saw her face. She didn't want to sit next to me. She didn't want me to be her sister. It looked like she wanted to cry as she looked at her homework whilst she always kept one eye on me, looking like a threatened animal when I move a limb.
She hates me. I just know it; the way she looks at me says it all.  A single tear landed on my homework as I tried to hold myself in; to be honest, she's my favourite sister and now she hates me! Everyone does.
"Um...Tyler?" she suddenly said.
"Huh?" I replied as her words snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Do you remember...this one guy...he looks like...?"
"Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it!"
" me nightmares."
I kept my eyes on Fallon and Aurora as they entered the kitchen when they finished their homework, hoping to hear what they're saying but with my luck that didn't happen.
"Do you think...?" Aurora said hesitantly.
"Jensen...? Jessalyn...?" Fallon replied. "No."
"How do we know he wasn't there?"
"We just...don't."
"It gives you nightmares?" I repeated what she said.
"Yes, but please don't tell anyone. I'll be a freak" she replied.
"You are a freak, but you're only my adorable little freak."
She flashed me a faint smile and I thought I saw something behind looks somewhat like that old doll of hers. Can it even be possible?
"What damage could he do?" I heard Aurora say.
"It could have been this close to turning Jessalyn silent like Tyle- oh, hey Tyler!" Fallon said and hoped I didn't hear what they were discussing.
I headed straight for the fridge to get my dinner and immediately headed out without as much as a glimpse at my triplets.
I went back to Jessalyn to eat my dinner; I would much rather eat with people who love me instead of being with triplets that think I'm insane. I know they do, and that's what I think of them.

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
My poor babies; especially little Laika. Ever since the night of her and her sister's birth she's been miserable, thinking of her lost twin until she couldn't hold the tears in any longer and screamed so loud she woke up the entire Sunset Valley. Nothing her sisters did helped, and nothing I did helped. Nothing ever helped.
Everyone took turns watching her; it was mostly Aurora and Fallon, especially while they played video games. Even through her screaming she was the ray of sunshine on their path to happiness.
Even little Jessalyn tried to calm her down; she would often take her and place her on the seat next to her when she ate something, but this didn't lift our little baby's mood at all. It didn't make it worse, but it didn't make it better either.
The kids would call me to help them, the only person that could get Laika to calm down an smile for a minute; it was hard work keeping her happy, and it was hard work trying to fall asleep at night. We could only hope things will work out. We can only hope April will turn up.
This has to be one of my favourite pictures ever. It warmed my heart to see all my grown up children that are still living with me, playing together and having barrels of fun. Not only that, but for once Tyler acted sane; a rare occurrence.
The twins' birthday; what joy! Laika's fowl mood rubbed off on all of us and made it one of the most unpleasant days yet; why did we all need to have sour faces on such a wonderful day? The birthdays are always things I cherish, but this was one I wanted to throw away.
After lots of struggles I finally got Laika, baby 22, to age up. We couldn't help but cry when we saw her. She looks so much like her vicious father!
"Hey Aurora! Why are you outside? I thought you were scared of the dark!" Tyler teased, even though she knew that was all lies. Aurora slowly turned around to face her sister, anger showing in her eyes.
"Don't push me, Tyler" she growled.
"Or what? Or you going to get a teddy to help you?"
"I might have been steering clear of you, and I might have been extremely nice to you to make your life easier, but I'm not taking your nonsense. Trust me, you don't want to get on my bad side."
"Your bad side, eh? Is it filled with magical rainbows and unicorns?"
"Stop right there!"
"Or what? Are you going to suck your thumb?"
"Talk to the hand, crazy! I know you're crazy, mom knows your crazy, your non-existant friends know your have nowhere to run to, except of course your blankly!"
"Ugh, you wish!"
"This was the last straw, Tyler. I'm going to make your life miserable; it's going to stay miserable until somebody finally takes you to a house for wackoes."
With that, Aurora finally walked away.
"Oh horseh, I love you! Nevah leave me, like sista!" Laika cooed, small tears slowly and carefully making their way down her face.

*April's P.O.V.*
Daddy said I aged up gracefully and destined for greatness. He said that, someday, I'll follow in his footsteps. He said that I'm not allowed to go somewhere he can't see me; he wants to keep tabs on me to keep me from going somewhere.
"Dwaddy!" I cried, not because I wanted to be picked up but because I didn't want to be with him.
"Come here!" he growled.
"No! Me no want to, no want!"
"You'll do what I say if you want to live."
"Look April!" daddy called as he lifted his hand.
His hand almost scared me to death as I didn't know what was going to happen next. His he going to hurt me? His he going to kill me? Or is he going to kiss me? This always happens to me, questions bubbling in my head.
To my great relied (and surprise) he only made funny faces to get me to laugh, but in the dark they looked somewhat a wild animal ready to attack but, somehow, I like it. It made me laugh like a criminal.
As soon as he heard my laugh he stopped and pulled me into a welcoming hug.
"You're my little girl You're definitely...evil" he laughed evilly.
I gulped. Evil? No way!
I was lucky; I figured out we were close to mom and sissy, close to my family, close to my family. I took my chance and ran before daddy could do anything about it. I found Laika sound asleep in the tree house and, trying not to wake her, I climbed up and joined her. It felt good to be rid of him and enjoy a well deserved rest with my twin.

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
"Come to Momma!" I called as I taught Laika how to walk.
"I did it, mommy, I did it!" she laughed.
"I'm so proud of you!"
"Me missed April."
"We all did, honey...we all did."
When I finally got the twins in bed again my phone rang, the police calling me to let me know about their progress.
"Miss Lavender?" the police officer said.
"Yes, that's me" I replied.
"We've heard that little April has been returned to you, but unfortunately Mr Ackles is still missing."
"You can't track him?"
"No...I'm sorry. He could be at your very house and we wouldn't know."
"Excuse me" I said, walking to where I heard the crash.
"Miss everything ok?"
"Hold on a minute. I heard something."

*Fallon's P.O.V.*
I saw Aurora and Tyler walk into our room, their faces tense and not looking at each other. I knew something was wrong between them, but that wasn't the problem. The problem came when they entered our room; when they saw what laid there, barely breathing next to the big window, just lying there, almost lifeless.
It was mom; there was no sign of any forced entry, yet I know she couldn't have passed out there all by herself. He was here; the person that broke this family apart and took Tyler's life, leaving her only a shadow of her previous cheery self. This can't happen to mom! If he hurt her, he'll pay! Aurora and I will make sure of that.
I idled in front of the house for a few minutes and didn't know about mom yet, getting the twins' gift our great-aunt or someone sent, and then sprinted upstairs when I heard Tyler's shocked scream. Now I know something is wrong.
"Hello?" I heard when I entered the room.
"Um...hi?" I called.
"Is someone there?" the voice came again and I realised it was the phone, picking it up to reply.
"Hiya!" I greeted.
"Who am I currently speaking to?"
"Fallon Lavender, Hayla Lavender's 18th baby."
"Oh, it's nice to meet you. Where's your mother?"
"Unconscious, now in bed after my sisters took her upstairs."
"How'd that happen?"
"I don't know. She was unconscious when we got here and there is no sign of forced entry."
"Do you have any suspicions of how it could have happened?"
"Just one...Jensen Ackles might have been here."
"Yes...we'll look into it. For now just keep all the doors and windows locked and don't go outside unless absolutely necessary."
"Are we going to be ok?"
"We'll do our best to protect your family."

All I could do was worry; with the stairs leading to mom's room behind me I just put my hand together and felt the tears begging to flow, but I wouldn't let them; I had to stay strong. I'm the oldest child in the house and I need to show the others we should be brave.
Homework for Aurora didn't get any easier as time went on; in fact, it just became worse. Every night it felt like we were being watched. We couldn't stop eyeballing the window in the dining room, expecting to see Jensen's face there any second, but we never saw him. He was stealthy, but he was there. I knew it. We all knew it.
"DING DONG, DING DONG!" Tyler suddenly yelled.
"Ugh, what now?" Aurora groaned.
"Me go cwazy- wazy!"
"We know that!"
"Me goooooooooooooo...CRAZY!"
"I know."
"Crazy, crazy, CRAZY, crazy, crazy!"
"Whatever! Just SHUT UP!"
Tyler finally stopped spazzing out and sat down next to me ready to do her homework, but she never did. She just stared at me while I zoomed through mine, ignoring her blank stare and idiotic comments and tried to finish before the school bus arrived.
"Just kill me now!" Jessalyn cried when Tyler had another one of her outbursts.
"With butter or egg?" Tyler laughed.
"You're going to be the death of me!"
"No, we don't have that. Something else?"
"No, we don't have that either."
After I finally got Tyler to calm down by pouring ice water all over her head she sat down and started doing her homework; needless to say, she was the last of us to be finished.

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
Everyone was quiet around me; it's understandable, seeing as Jensen knocked me out yesterday morning. Life was weird and uncomfortable, especially after Aurora told me about Tyler's episode. She needs a doctor, no matter what she thinks. We all just want what's best for her.
As she entered the kitchen to get something to eat she just stared at me with a huge smiling, singing and almost dancing.
"Tralalala! Dododoodooooooooo!"
When I got up for seconds Aurora was washing the dishes as I looked back at her, feeling grateful for my sane and beautiful children, hoping Tyler will also be like them- soon. She doesn't deserve this; she needs to have a normal life, to enjoy every enjoyable second like a normal person.
To be honest, Tyler's condition only got worse; she would get mad at random objects or scream something crazy into the air.
All our suspicions were confirmed when we saw this; Tyler playing computer games...while the TV was turned off. It's enough to make any parent worried, making me wonder what really happened that night. Could she really be that traumatised?
I was also worried about my little April; yes, she was a smart little girl who easily got caught up on all her life skills, but that wasn't the problem. Even though she didn't show any sign of something being wrong, I feared that the time she spent with her father might have changed her.
Soon it was a big birthday bash! All the kids except the twins were growing up, all on the same day, everyone together to cheer them on. After all the misery it felt good to be happy for once.
Baby 19, Tyler.
Bay 20, Aurora
Baby 18, Fallon.

*Aurora's P.O.V.*
"Are you scared?" Tyler teased.
"Why?" I replied.
"Jensen could be anywhere...he could be out to get you."
"I know that."
Yes, I knew that, but it didn't make it less scary. Being around Tyler made me scared; made me think of Jensen. I couldn't help it; I bolted out of the room before Tyler could say anything else.

We're running away, further away

She stared at me until she could no longer see me, wondering what she did wrong and how to fix it. I know she doesn't mean to be like this; she can't help it, but that's her problem. She makes me cry at night, she makes me wonder what's going to happen in the near future.

We're running away, further away
So we might make it
She kept staring as she ate, keeping her beastly eyes on me.

You're comin' back, comin' back
Comin' back, but you just don't see it
Why? Why does she do this? Does she enjoy seeing our pain? Does she laugh at our worriedness at night? I know this isn't her fault, so I need to go back to set things right.
Comin' back, comin' back alone
I miss you!

I want my old Tyler back...Tyler, I...miss you.
I miss you!
Why does she have to be this way?

Just can't see it!

Then we celebrated little Jessalyn, baby 21's, birthday.
Of course, even though we couldn't see him, Jessalyn's imaginary friend also celebrated his transition into a teen.
"Booooooooooooo!!" he yelled at Fallon.
"Snuggles! Don't boo at my family!" Jessalyn scolded him.
"But...she's boring."

*Tyler's P.O.V.*
Nobody wanted to be near me; no one wanted to give me any love or show respect, always giving me mocking stares and heartbreaking comments. I know I'm not wanted here...not even by mom.
Miserable, I climbed into bed. I don't think there's a future for me...there's no love for me, so why would there be a future?

Twisting inside, looking for shelter

It burns through each and every day

It takes my breath away
They ask too much of us, with them you always knew

Just wanna live our lives, you know we're trying to
The window is one can get in...I hope. Will he come to get me? Will he finish what he started? He can't! I won't let him!

It burns through each and every day
It takes my breath away
It takes my breath away...

*Jessalyn's P.O.V.*
Night...outside...alone...with that Jensen-dude running around...I must admit, not my best desicion. It felt like my heart wanted to escape, to run away and hide somewhere safe. I can only hope that guy won't show up, I can only hope..
I slowly took the easy route upstairs, walking up the millions of stairs at this hour of the night; I'm not a coward, but I can't take scary moments like this. Anyone can jump me from behind. I wait for a slimy hand to grab me, to drag me down these stairs into the darkness.
I counted the steps up to my bed, hoping to find nothing except blankets there. Is wishing useless? Is hoping a waste of time?
Is...fear a lie? Or is safety a threat?
I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. I'm starting to doubt...I'm starting to think what I see as a wonderful life is really a nightmare. A broken bed...not what I expected. A splintered wooden floor...flickering lights...
Dripping water...he's here. He's here to get revenge. I know it, no matter how hard I wish I don't. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters to him. He just wants what he can't get and gets it anyway; he knows out to bend the rules, how to win this game. He makes it all up as he goes along, ripping everyone apart daring or unlucky enough to be part of the game.
My head hit the pillow with a sudden thrust of energy. It wasn't me...I didn't do it. Someone hit me over the head, trying to get me out of the room and into the cool night air. But I'm not that vulnerable when I sleep. It's when I'm at my strongest.
It happened to mom too, I know. But she wasn't as strong as me, though luckily nothing happened to her. The twins started screaming before he could do anything. We're all just grateful, although I'm the only one who knows what happened that night.
"Yum yum yum! Momma, bottle nomnomnom!" Laika laughed.
She's the sweetest girl in the world! She never cries anymore and she's always in the best mood imaginable. What more could a mother and siblings want?
April is...different. There's no other way to explain it. She's not like her dad, but she's not like the rest of us either. In a way, she seems evil; she she enjoys our pain. Her dad's ways have rubbed off  on her...something we'll just have to live with. I don't think she means to be naughty; her dad didn't show her much love, so I think she just has a hard time expressing her feelings.

*April's P.O.V.*
"Momma?" I gurgled.
"Yes April?" she replied as I got ready to hurt her.
"Daddy says you stupid!"
"I don't listen to him. He's a little...crazy!"
"Me also think you stupid!!"
I held onto her as I looked through the hair in my eyes, smiling my deliciously devious smile like I do when I'm happy with what I've accomplished. My mission is to break her down...the mission daddy left me with...I'm going to break this family apart from the inside where no one suspects me.
"You don't mean that, do you April?" Momma said with tears in her eyes, her voice breaking.
"" I quickly cooed, hoping she won't cry and punish me.
"You didn't know what you were saying, right darling?" She was pulling me into a comforting hug.
"Ah gooooo gaga!"
"I love you."
3 deadly words.
I smiled at her. No, I'm not going to say those words. She loves me and she wants me to love her, but I don't. I love Laika and I have a hate-love relationship with dad...but I'm not gonna say I love momma. I have to break her down and those words aren't going to help. It was taking over. Both Aurora and Tyler had the same plans; to find that love. Why? I don't have love! Why should other people have it? It's unfair and wrong; I have a mission and they have a that even fair?
Momma tried to teach me to talk, pouring her heart and soul into the time she spends with me.
"Say vegetables" she said.
"Evil!" I yelled.
"No, vegetables."
Love...why? I saw them holding hands, giggling...enjoying something I don't have; a life. Where is the fairness in that? But what broke me down is what Tyler and Aurora both did next...
"Come on baby, come on!" Aurora's lover cooed.
"Woo, woo!" I laughed, imagining I have love.
"Yes, come to me!"
"Wee, wee, wee!"
" we go! You want this back?" he said mockingly.
"Back, back, back!"
"No, it's too good. Nomnomnom. You wish you had one?"
"You pig!"
"A gorgeous pig enjoying a hunky lollipop!"
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I cried, hoping to hurt his ears enough to make him give my lolly back. "You'll pay, you piggy! Pay, pay, pay!"
"Oh, I'm so scared! As if" he mocked, knowing I can't do anything to him.
I hate to say it, but Jessalyn to the rescue! Before she started teaching 'adorable, sweet Laika' how to talk she gave me a bottle chocolate milk and threw Aurora's lover out of the house. She's my new favourite sister, especially when I heard her teach Jessalyn to talk.
"Say fire" she said.
"Nah, nah!"
"Fwiwe, fiwe!"

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
Hunky, hunky...! If I do say so myself. It was my day off, the day Jessalyn offered to look after the twins after the triplets moved out, and I took a stroll around town and made my way to the library. This hunksicle is Jarad Lazer (thanks to Pixza), previously part of her Daniels legacy.
"Hi, I'm Hayla! It's a pleasure to meet you" Hayla greeted.
"The pleasure is all mine, Hayla. I've been following your challenge for a while now" he replied.
"So would be an honour if you could be my next baby daddy?"
"Oh Hayla...I don't know."
"Please Jarad?"
"Come on Hayla, this isn't just asking me for a pencil or a shoelace...this is about a life or more."
"I know! And that's why I need you; that child need your hot genes.
"Well," he said flashing a smile at the camera, "I am hot."
"So you'll consider it?"
"Well...sure, let me think about it."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I exclaimed excitedly as I pulled him into an embrace.
After a few more minutes of chatting I worked up the courage to move in for the kiss, to make sure he'll come home with me to do the deed.
Just a side note mah little readers, isn't he just adorable? <3
"So, how about we go home to get the challenge moving on?" I flirted, stroking Jarad's cheek.
"Yeah baby!"
To be honest, I've figured out little April is just plain evil. She doesn't like our family, she doesn't like happiness and she doesn't like her crib. She loves destruction and pain, like she wants to see us all crash and burn.
"Just one more kiss before going to the bed?" Jarad suggested.
"Sure thing!" I replied, just as Cadence walked past.
She didn't show it, but I knew she was happy. She was proud of me for continuing my challenge.
"Come on Laika, blow out the candles!" Jessalyn encouraged Laika while I was still out, celebrating the twins' birthday with them.
"Look Hayla, I'm strooooooooong!" Jarad joked.
"Charming" I laughed, rolling my eyes.
My evil little babies, no doubt about it:
Baby 22, Laika.
Baby 23, April.
(Author's note: She's kinda a special baby, cuz my birthday is April 23rd, lol!)
"Don't worry, little toy, I'll protect you!" Laika cried into her toy, disappointed that it didn't turn real. "I thought you were magical, but no! Either way, I still love you."
"Hey little toy!" April sang. "You're such a wonderful toy! You're so magical and pretty! I love you, little toy."
I stepped out of the shower when Jarad and I were done, after conceiving baby 14.
"It's so much better than doing it in the bed, right Hayla?" Jarad laughed.
"Right" I said, not really listening, lost in my own thoughts. goes on; whether we want it to or not. We have to face the cold, hard reality, with little chance of a good outcome. How will we survive?

Silence the cry, stepping back further
Escape from the mind, my mind
Twisting inside, looking for shelter
That's probably what Jensen thought when he saw Jessalyn tonight; we were all worries about this, but she said she was just unloading. Our real problem is Jensen who was actually on the lot.
His children...what he actually came take what he couldn't have...
Jensen stalked April and Laika until the sun came up, hoping to see them again and get them to do what he had been planning ever since he told Hayla he wanted to be a part of her challenge.
Jessalyn knew he was there, furious that he actually spied on them and invaded their privacy, getting ready to give him what he's begging for- a cold prison cell in the middle of nowhere to stay in until the end of his days, to die in a filthy little hole.

*Laika's P.O.V.*
"Are you playing with your only friend again?" I mocked when I found April hiding under the counter snuggling her old toy.
"Leave me alone!" she sobbed.
"Why should I? You're just soooooo childish."
"Stop it!"
"You don't know what I've been through...I know things that'll make you cry at night...that'll make you cry at don't mess with me!"
I quickly got out my toy, hoping it will calm me down.
"Don't worry toy, she won't hurt us!" I cried, half mockingly.
"I'm serious" April said icy.
"Yeah right!"
"Do you know dad?"
"Well, I do. He'll stand by me, and make you cry. He's-"
"Right here" someone interrupted behind me and I turned around.
"Daddy!" April called and ran into his arms.
"He pumpkin...did you succeed?"
"Almost. They still have too much spirit and hope."
"Uhhh...what are you 2 talking about?" I asked.
"Well..." April tries to explain, but couldn't think of the words.
"She doesn't have a life...she has a mission" dad said.
"I have to break this family down and leave no hope for anyone."
"I returned her to let her start her mission."
"So, I have something to add to your mission" dad whispered to April.
"Yeah?" she whispered back.
They discussed everything in detail, I was sure, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. They pushed me away on purpose, trying to make me pay.
I just watched them...
Trying to get them to let me in on the plan, but I was boring April...
And dad.
That's when I knew I wasn't wanted; whether that was their plan or just a little bonus, I was pushed away. April stopped talking to me and dad didn't show up again, leaving me to find love find love from mom.

It's like Jessalyn and I have some kind of bond. I can see her imaginary friend, even if it's just barely and sometimes, but I can. She knows, Snuggle knows and I know.
'Oh, April is so cute! April is so helpful! April is the best!'
That's what I always hear. She just wants to get on everyone's good sides to break them down when the time is right, to get them to do whatever she wants. I'm going to stop her; she's not going to get away with this until they let me in on the plan.
Mom bought some furniture and a mini fridge for her room; she said it's too much work to always go up and down the stairs just to get something to eat and gave the whole house a mini upgrade to make it easier for all of us.
"I love you SO much mom!" I exclaimed as I swung my arms around her.
"Aww, and I love you sweetie!" she replied.
"More than April?"
"Don't make me choose favourites, April!"
Yes, I'm a little prankster! If it's a good day I normally booby trap the entire house, waiting for my favourite victim to take the bait, every time without even thinking it's a trap. What an idiot!
The mini upgrade: Fire poles on every floor!
Why does Jessalyn get a portrait and I don't? Well, mom says she painted one of April and me when we were toddlers, so I guess I can't really complain, can I? Too bad she had to sell it, but at least this one is also being sold.
Yay, another sink booby trapped!
April, my special victim. She'll never learn will she?
I was looking out of the window when I saw her rubbing her belly underneath the stars. Does this mean she's pregnant again?
Apparently yes. While she was out at the bistro she saw Willow and greeted her with a huge smile, talking for hours until the sun started rising. I sneaked out and spied on them, and that's when I heard she was pregnant.
Ah yes, one of my favourite past times: video games! Jessalyn played with Snuggles and I beat April 20 to nothing. Booya!

*Hayla's P.O.V.*
A masterpiece...! Well, in my opinion. I love this painting so much I put it in the girls' room for everyone to see and admire.
 I love it when my children help each other with homework. Can I be prouder than when I see them like this? Honestly, I think not.
Just when the pride welled up inside me I felt labour kick in. I couldn't even move and when I finally realised what was happening it was too late to get to the hospital. This would have to be my first home birth after the meteor strike. Wish me luck!
Out popped little baby 24, Alexander (thanks to ENTELLIGENT and Lizzerd).
He was a fussy one, but I couldn't do anything about it as I felt another contraction hit.
It was a joy to hold Rosemary (thanks to Lizzerd), baby 25.
Just as fussy, but what are ya gonna do?
Lastly baby 26, Ashlyn (thanks to KinztheSim), decided to make an appearance. Yeah baby, I made the quarter mark! :D

Sorry for the delay on this chapter. I wanted to get it out MUCH earlier but I was just too busy. Sorry! I hope this was worth the wait.
Oh, and the parts that are in italics are lyrics from random songs I thought was pretty fitting.
Please leave comments, baby names and daddies here or on the forum.


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    This time it was a complete accident, lol! But once your sim is pregnant take her to a doctor with a high level in his career (Malcolm Landgraab's dad is perfect. I can't remember his name xD) and ask to determine the gender. Then eat the opposite gender fruit of the child you're having (gender fruit: boys- apples, girls watermelons), so if you're having a girl you'll eat around the amount of 10 apples. Then you watch Kids TV and listen kids radio until the end of the pregnancy.

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