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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm back!

Has it been 3 months already? O.O Thankfully everything has slowed down now. Our final exams are almost over but at least the last 3 exams don't require studying. :D I'm currently working on building the family a new house, and there have been some birthdays in the family during my absense (don't worry, I got the pics. ;P). I'll update soon with a few pics of the new house, and I'm even working on a new banner!

I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me, and are looking forward to new updates! Oh, how I've missed this!
*massive group hug*


  1. I would never forget about the lavenders!
    Can't wait for loads of updates and you writing more :)

    Massive hugs back :)

  2. Aw thanks Kurtis! <3
    Same here. :D I've been on a massive dl'ing spree today because Pets broke all my nursery stuff, so now I'm ready for action.

    Thanks. More massive hugs for you. ;D

  3. Luckily not as busy. :) The past week has been a bit hectic with studying but now that that's over I have a lot more free time. But I'm mostly just itching to find out if I'm going to be a prefect next year! We'll most likely get an answer before Wednesday.
    How about you?

  4. Yeah really good and Im doing really good in school too, We have a science test on Tuesday and on Wednesday there is a teachers strike soo schools out!

  5. That's great! :D I'm also doing way better in school this year. My grades have never been this high. O.O
    Oh, I love it when the teachers are on strike. <3 It happened to us last year and we got 3 days off.

  6. Oh lucky you we only get a day off and I know my grades are so good this year,Better than year 7!


  7. Well, it's way better than nothing. ;)
    Awesome! Too bad I'm clueless when it comes to years. xD

    Good news! Hayla is ready to become ready. All the kids are grown up to the point where I'm ready to handle new babies again. And summer vacation is starting tomorrow, so I'll have lots of time to work on it. :D

  8. Yes can't wait to read it soon!!!!
    Have you gave Hayla a makeover?

  9. Awesome! I can't wait to actually start writing it. :)
    How'd you know? O.O That exactly what I did. xD

    I'm so happy right now! :D We heard about the prefects today, and I'm one. I'm the head of the advertiser committe. ^-^

  10. Congratulations!
    I just thought since you were coming back you would give hayla a makeover!
    I bet there going to get pets too (:

  11. Thanks! :D
    You definitely know me. ;)
    Yup, but not yet though. I just want to get used to the challenge again and then they'll get some furry friends. ^.^

    Hayla was about to have her 2nd puking session when I exited last night, so I'm almost done with the chapter. (:

  12. Okay again can't wait!
    Yep I know you ;)

  13. Awesome! 8)
    You definitely do. ;D

    Ok, the baby (or babies, not telling!) is (or are) born! :D Now I just need to take some storyline pics and I'll be ready to start writing.