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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Babies 27 and 28: Jensen's Demise

"Now, how shall I execute Daddy's plan? Should I burn down the house, or drown my family...? Oh decision, decisions!" April thought to herself as she tried to figure out what Jensen would want most.
Hayla climbed into one of the boys' beds, hoping to find answers in the sheets or under the pillow. Why is April acting so strange? Why does it feel like her family is falling apart? Is Jensen near...? Is he doing this?
She carefully looked at the bed as she slid into the covers, feeling the soft material relax her muscles.
She felt the tears well up in her eyes as she glanced at the sheet that touched her arms. Could it be? She has found a secret; a confidential message hidden within its seam. Hayla carefully ran her hand along the edge of the seam, twisting the material until her goal, the truth, was safely concealed in her hand.
'Dear April
You have succeeded thus far, making me a proud parent. I can see your mother's spirit falling; I can see your siblings' lose hope. You only have to lunge the final strike, and they'll be ours. You can do this, I believe in you!

Your Daddy
No matter how much that letter hurt Hayla, no matter how much it made her worry, life goes on and that very night they had to celebrate the children's birthdays.
Everybody laughed as they watched Jessalyn blow out her candles; the last time they would witness it before she moves out.
Baby 23, April. Hayla couldn't help but shed a tear when she saw her; how far has she already drowned in her father's evilness?
Baby 21, Jessalyn.
Everybody begged her to keep her hair in the long style, but she heard none of it.
Baby 24, Alexander.
Baby 25, Rosemary
Baby 26, Ashlyn
Baby 22, Laika.
Hayla's heart just melted when she saw Alexander playing with his red rocket.

After a lot of saving Hayla finally afforded a new house! This is the entrance.
To both the left and right are spiral staircases that lead to rooms that are only accessible via those stairs.
If you go up the left staircase you'll find the study.
If you go up the right staircase you'll find the dining room.
From the dining room you can access the kitchen if you go through the archway.
If you go up the middle stairs you'll find yourself in a kind of hall. From here you can access Hayla's room via a spiral staircase hidden in the corner, go up the stairs to the top floor or access the nursery if you go through the door.
The nursery, fit for any and all infants and toddlers of any gender.
They even have their own bathroom!
To the left you can find a bathroom for the older children and Hayla.
On the top floor you can find the activities room.
If you go through the door you'll find a hallway. If you go through the door shown above you'll find the boys' room.
If you in the other direction you'll find three door. The closest one is the boys' bathroom, the one next to it is the girls' bathroom and the last door is the girls' bedroom.
The boys' bathroom.
The girls' bathroom.
The girls' bedroom.
The boys' bedroom.
The pool.
The mini-play area
The party area. The sign has been stuck to the poles with invisible string.
The main play area.
Hayla went to her room to get some more pictures for the tour of the house, but found an unwelcome visitor instead.
"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Jensen murmered.
"What are you doing here!?" Hayla screeched.
"I-I live here" Jensen stammered.
"You liar! We just bought this house!"
"But I've been hiding here!"
"In our house!?"
"I...I...just needed a place to hide, and this room was the perfect place" he whimpered.
"Do you have a problem with that?" Jensen asked as he had finally built up some courage.
"Yes! You should be in JAIL! You shouldn't be hiding ANYWHERE!"
At that moment Laika came running in to see what the big commotion was, and had her breath knocked away as she saw her dad. She did the sensible thing and immediately dialed up the police to put an end to his life outside of iron bars.
They still hadn't noticed her as she put her phone back in her pocket, letting a single tear run down her cheek.
Jensen grabbed Hayla and started fighting her, hoping to get the point carried over that he doesn't follow rules and that he wants her behind bars. Laika was so stunned she couldn't do anything but stare.
Sadly, no matter how hard Hayla tried, Jensen still won; he even bragged about it by showing her to talk to the hand.
Only 2 minutes later sirens sounded outside, making Jensen jump and finally notice Laika.
"Did you call them?" he asked furiously.
"I...yes! I'm not going to lie to you anymore. I want you out of my life!"
But either way, he still pulled her into a tight hug that lasted a full minute, holding on for dear life.
"I love you Laika; it doesn't matter if you help me, or help to put me behind bars."
Hayla cheered as they could finally enter their house, Jensen-free. She had given herself a makeover before they left their old house and she was loving it! (To get a better look of her new outfit check out the new banner).
Laika definitely loved her baby brother! Whenever she has a free moment she spent it with Alexander, playing and laughing.
Jensen was gone and her family was safe, but Hayla wasn't satisfied yet. What about his accomplice? She knew he had someone working for him from the inside; most likely April. But would she tell her? Hayla needs honesty; she needs to know she can trust her family.
Ashlyn just stared into space and laughed as she drank her milk; so innocent and sweet- something April never was.
That night Hayla, Laika and April accompanied each other in the dining room to enjoy their first meal in their new house.
"So, April, I found the most interesting thing in the covers of one of the beds in the old house" Hayla said, hoping to get some information out of April.
"Really?" April replied, keeping her eyes on her food.
"Yes. I thought you might know where it came from."
"Uh...Probably from Alexander. He always left toys in one of the boys' beds."
"How'd you know I was talking about one of the boys' beds?"
" said so."
"No, I just said it was in one of the beds."
At that moment Laika entered the room, realising Hayla was onto April; she knew she had to help her mother.
"Uhh..." April stammered, trying to think of an excuse.
"April, are you hiding something from me?"
"No, of course not!"
"Are you sure you don't know anything about a secret letter?"
"April...if I find out you're lying to'll be sorry."
Hayla was close to tears as she realised her daughter didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. What now?
The toddlers didn't feel any tension in the new house; in fact, they loved it!
When Hayla got up to wash the dishes Laika walked past her and paused to tell her something.
"She's been helping him...ever since he took her when we were born...and she liked it! She's a lost cause" Laika whispered to Hayla who was touched that her daughter entrusted her with this information, but was just as disappointed in April.
When Hayla reached the nursery to put her babies to bed she found that, after a long day of exploring and playing, they already fell asleep on the floor.
As soon as April was finished eating she ran up to her bed; she didn't want to talk to Hayla again. She started regretting what she did for her dad, and didn't want to tell her the truth.
Little Ashlyn had seen April do the horrid things. She saw how heartless she treated their family. The realisation of her sister's actions had fully sunk in for her now, and there was no stopping the tears.
When all the kids woke up Hayla decided to get them started on their skills; Alexander was up first.
"Look Alexander! If it feels like you're going to fall, you can balance like this" Hayla instructed him.
Rosemary didn't have a care in the world; she always giggled and played. She was the family's hope.
The girls were just a joy, and Alexander too. Rosemary was a natural at the drums, and Ashlyn just stared at her as she admired her talent; as she did so she started to tell her sister all about April.
Once Alexander had learnt how to walk Hayla moved on to Rosemary, to teach her how to talk.
And then it was Ashlyn's turn.
"Why do I have to lie to Mom like that? I don't want to...but if I tell her the truth she won't love me anymore. What I did is just evil! But if I don't tell her and she hears the truth from someone else she'll think I have no heart..." April thought to herself, considering telling her mom.
To make up for the fact that she can't make a decision and to show Hayla she really cares, April continued teaching Rosemary how to talk while Hayla potty trained Ashlyn. But sadly, after hearing what her sister did, Rosemary refused to open her mouth as long as April was in sight.
There's no doubt that Alexander is Laika's favourite sibling; every time she has a free second she'll spend it on him, so it wasn't a surprise when she turned out to be the one who potty trained Alexander.
When April gave up trying to teach Rosemary Hayla took over and she finally learnt how to talk.
And a few minutes later she also learnt how to use the potty from Hayla.
Hayla quickly snapped a photo of the 2 siblings the moment Alexander knew how to use the potty all by himself.
The toddlers still learnt their life skills at lightning fast speed, so it wasn't long until Ashlyn knew how to walk.
And not long after that, she was also potty trained.
And soon another toddler, Rosemary, will know how to stand on her own 2 feet.
"Goodnight baby!" April greeted Ashlyn as she put her to bed.
"You evil!" Ashlyn exclaimed, making April turn pale.
"What...? No, no."
"Yes. Me no dumb; you evil!"
"Hey April, could you help me teach Alexander how to talk?" Hayla asked.
"Why do I have to do it?" April groaned.
"I just have to finish up with Rosemary then I'll take over. Please?"
April was already counting the chores she had done for her mother; even though she wanted to help, she would always partly be her dad's evil little girl.
She thought about what Ashlyn had said, thinking it over. How could she know? It's impossible! Ashlyn is too young to know about all those things. Now she knew she had to set things right, no matter how painful.
April sat down in front of Alexander to teach him to talk;at least he smiled at her.
Hayla went down to her room for a snack; she enjoyed the private dining area in her room. She knew she would have to take pictures of her room for the tour of the house, but after finding Jensen there she didn't have the strength to do that yet.
When Hayla went upstairs to finish teaching Alexander to talk she had a hard time cleaning up April's mess; she had only taught him words like fire, death and tears. Rosemary saw this, and hoped she could tell her mom about her sister.
"Nighty-night Rosemary! Have peaceful dreams!" April said to Rosemary as she tucked her in.
Rosemary grabbed her sister's hand and looked at her with love in her eyes.
"You be good- no more evil" she cried.
"I'll try...I'll try..."
"Gah! Why are you so stupid! Why do you like torturing our family!?" Laika yelled in the kitchen.
She found the dishwasher broken, shooting out sparks. She knew her mother would be mad about this, but she wanted to fix it nonetheless; she knew her mom would be worried, yet love the effort her daughter put into the family.
In the end it all turned out perfect as the machine got fixed and she didn't get electrocuted. Now all that was left was to mop up the puddles it made on the floor.
"Hello?" Hayla said as she answered her phone.
"Hi Hayla! It's Jessalyn's dad. I just called to hear how she's doing" the person on the other end said.
"Oh, hi! She's doing good. She's beautiful and has moved out a few days ago."
"Oh! I was hoping to talk to her, but it's great to hear about her."
They talked for a few more minutes before Hayla returned to her children.
Ashlyn enjoyed her imaginary friend. She played with it so much Hayla even thought it might turn real!
"Who does Mommy love?" Hayla asked Rosemary, tickling her.
"Me" Rosemary answered.
"Who does Mommy love?"
Who does Mommy love?"
Rosemary had already broken out into hysterical laughing.
After hearing about April's actions Rosemary looked fearfully at Hayla's hand, scared that it might beat her, even though she knew her mother would never do that.
"Mommy?" Rosemary squeeked.
"Yes honey?" Hayla replied.
"About Apwil..."
Rosemary broke down and told her mom everything she knew, right down to the last second she thought about April.
Hayla just stared into space; to think that her daughter had such a big impact on her toddlers. Now has to be the time for truth.
When April slowly approached Hayla she knew this would be the moment of truth...
April pleaded with her mom, giving her every little detail about the time spent and plans made with her dad; everything was revealed, right up to the last breath she took until this very moment.
"But April, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Hayla asked, pulling her daughter into a hug.
"I was afraid...of what you'd think of me" April cried into her mother's shoulder.
"No matter what you do, no matter how distant you become, I'll always listen to your side of the story before I judge you. And I'll always love you, no matter what."
"Thanks mom!"
Five seconds later, and the room was flooded with tears from both mother and daughter, and even toddlers.
As one final 'thank you', April fixed the bathtub when it broke, but she wanted to do even more than that to repay her mom.
The birthdays drew near, and Hayla made sure all her babies had learnt their life skills.
She pulled Alexander close one more time, as she knew this would be the last time she could cuddle the triplets like that; the saddest part of the challenge is watching her children grow up, and it was time for that part again.
With Alexander in her arms Hayla stared down at the party area, reluctant to let go of her babies.
"Cake...! Flame...! Balloon...! Bird...!" Alexander cheered, grabbing at everything he saw.
And then he blew out the candles; a sad moment for Hayla.
Baby 24, Alexander.
Baby 22, Laika.
Baby 25, April.
Ashlyn didn't want to grow up, no matter what; she even tried to jump and fight her way out of the stroller when Hayla took her to the cake.
Baby 23, April.
As soon as Alexander grew up he headed to the playground. He definitely loves this ride!
Baby 26, Ashlyn.
Before the twins could even think of moving out April got a call from the police station. They wanted her as a witness to put her dad behind bars; if she can prove she was forced to assist him she will be set free. They even told her they'll give her and her sister a free house! She knew she couldn't refuse.

Ah, the sandpit! Rosemary definitely loved it.
Hayla finally had some free time and decided to go man hunting; she decided to stop at Marcus's house to see if he had any suggestions for new baby daddies, but when she got there she found a stranger.
"Hi, I'm Hayla! I'm a friend of Marcus" Hayla introduced herself.
"Hey, I'm Shea Sagittarian (thanks to xocaptiveox)...Um, Hayla...? Oh yes, Marcus loves talking about you and your challenge!" the guy replied.
"Really? I'm flattered!"
"Well, you definitely fit his description of you. You're pretty, sweet and look pretty determined just like he said."
"Aw, thanks...! Um, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, anything!"
"How would you feel about taking part in my challenge?"
"You mean be a baby daddy?"
Ashlyn stood in her room, admiring the beautiful view. She couldn't help but feel completely at home in her new room.
"Are you sure you want me to?"
"Of course, don't be modest!"
"If you think I have what it takes, then I'd be honoured!"
After a while of talking Shea got hungry and prepared food for them; while Hayla waited for him she looked out the wind and saw Zafrina, baby 15, at the lake.
She also saw one of her grandchildren!
Once they were done eating they got back to business, right when Marcus came home from work. He appeared happy yet jealous of Shea that Hayla was continuing her challenge.
It was getting late and Hayla had to head home, seeing as the sun was already coming up; she found her children playing outside. Ashlyn was playing in the tree house, looking for aliens.
Hayla got back into painting and got busy with it, seeing as she got a job redesigning a business office.
That night Hayla picked Shea up when he was done working, and hoped he didn't have another emergency like last time that made him run off to work.
Ashlyn couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her imaginary friend! Her mother was right; he did turn real!
Poor Alexander had a hard time doing his homework but never asked for help; he always got it done on time, but the extreme hardship wasn't worth it.
"Hey sis, do you also think the homework is too hard?" Alexander asked Rosemary when he saw her scratching her head while doing her homework.
"No, I just have a terrible itch! I hope I don't have lice..." she replied.
"Hey Shea, what do you think of my legs? I think they look hot!" Hayla joked.
"Glamorous! Now make some room for me in the hot tub!" he laughed.
They both just relaxed in the hot tub for about half an hour, chatting, before Hayla thought about continuing the challenge.
"So, how do you like my room? It's the best place for my challenge, don't you think?" Hayla flirted with him, cuddling with Shea.
Only 1 minute later they shared their first kiss.
Alexander was also having fun in the water once he finished his homework!
"Are you ready?" Hayla asked.
"Oh yeah!" Shea replied.
And then baby 27 was conceived!
Shea decided to stay the night and continued soaking in the hot tub whilst Hayla started painting again.
The triplets were always happiest when they're together, and doing homework is no exception!
As soon as Hayla started feeling nauseous she knew baby 27 would be paying them a visit very soon.
With all the toddlers and infants grown up Hayla had lots of free time to concentrate on her paintings. Lately she has finished 2 new ones.
It wasn't long until Hayla's baby bump started showing!
Both rooms got their own table and chairs for homework and dining; Hayla also put a mini fridge next to their doors for easy access to food.
Once the girls even decided to pay Alexander a visit while he was doing homework.
"Hey bro, are you still wrestling with that homework?" Ashlyn asked.
"No...what are you 2 doing here?" he replied, stunned.
"We just thought you might be lonely" Rosemary answered.
Hayla finished another painting and decided to hang it on the wall for a few minutes to compare it to one of the paintings she bought.
Her next painting was a masterpiece- her first one!
Hayla was so happy that she got the chance to take this picture of the triplets playing together!
It wasn't long until contraction hit. Baby 27, here we come!
Hayla welcomed baby 27, Zeke (thanks to KinztheSim), into the world!
And next was baby 28, Bryce (thanks to Lizzerd)! Hayla realised they were her first boy twins and was overjoyed.
Thanks for reading! I'm so happy to be back! I love doing this challenge. <3
You can visit the forum to leave comments, baby names and daddies (or you can do it here ;D)
Happy simming, and I hope you liked it!


  1. Hey Jackie, The story was so great
    1)Please tell me how you made that banner,it is GREAT!! PLEASE TELL ME!
    2)The house is AMAZING!!!
    3)The kids and Hayla are BEAUTIFUL
    4)Jenson is so EVIL :(

  2. By the way jackie here is my latest chapter of my legacy PLEASE READ!

  3. Thanks! <3
    1) Wow, that's a long story; I'll need to make you an entire tutorial if I want to explain the entire process. xD Bascally, it was a lot of copying and pasting of limbs for the characters in front, and a lot of pasting, scaling and rotating for the background; everything in GIMP.
    2 & 3) THANKS! :D
    4) I know. :( That why I decided to put him in jail. ;)

    Oh sorry, I've been so busy haven't had time to read your legacy! D: I'll try to get caught up during the summer holidays.

  4. I love the new banner too!!! I'm glad you're back. ^_^ The new house is beautiful!

    ~Calista Smith

  5. Aw, thanks! <3 I'm glad I'm back too- I've missed this challenge.

  6. You're welcome. ^.^ Do you want me to link you to the program I used?